Beginning of…

Here goes my first post. I have been so tired lately. It’s funny how you get too much sleep and you’re still tired. Seriously, that doesn’t make sense. You should be well rested and happy. Ahh, well life is so strange. The weather has been real nice.. in the 80’s.. I wish it was like this year round. But, you can’t have it all. The Vegas winter will be coming soon enough. I know it’s not really a winter since it’s not cold like in other parts of the country… but for local Vegas folks… it’s cold for us!

*Spoilers ahead if you don’t watch Inuyasha reguarly*

Inuyasha was very good last night. I’m glad we finally know what’s going on with Naraku. I knew he was hiding like a coward trying to rebuild himself to be better than ever. I think Adult Swim is stopping at episode #123 on October 22nd. Then we won’t get new Inuyasha episodes until next year. Hopefully, by the end of next year we’ll get to see the ending.

I watched Squidbillies early on Friday Night Fix on it’s pretty funny! I love the woman squid… her boobs are attached to her face haahha. It’s great to see more kewl shows on Adult Swim. Brendon Small has done a few episodes on the new Venture Brothers. Brendon Small was the voice and creator of Home Movies. He’s currently working on two animated shows. He has the theme song on his page. I don’t know why Home Movies got cancelled. It’s just hilarious.


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