Mean beats

I forgot to post this. I was driving home from work the other night and I was in the slow lane of the freeway. A car was blinking his lights for me to move out of his way. Of course, I got pissed. I would understand if I was in the fast lane and I was going slow. But, noooo I was in the slow lane… there was plenty of opportunity for him to go in the left lane to pass me. Of course, he didn’t right away.. I flipped him off as he passed. He looked like Bean too hahaha. What a jerk! He got in front of me and started to go slow… ok what was the point really huh? But, I figured he was doing that on purpose. So, I flashed my brights at him haha…..and passed him in the left lane. What’s wrong with people these days… really?!!

Here’s a kewl flash page… Tokyo Plastic. Check out the drum machine.. it’s great stuff! It’s amazing what people do with flash.

I have to go buy new shoes again. I hate buying shoes for work. It always takes me forever because they have to be black and comfortable. I’m too picky.. it has to be flat or barely any heel because I have bad ankles and it hurts since I have to stand all damn day. I’m going to venture to DSW. I hate shopping.. it usually just makes me mad.


2 thoughts on “Mean beats

  1. Hahah!! You are picky when you are shopping. I like to go with you and pick stuff out for you. That’s fun.. 😀

  2. Hahaha.. that’s true! That’s why it takes forever to find the right shoe! Arrgh.. it’s annoying! I need you here to shop with me and to hang out with me and all that… hurray hehehe….. 😉

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