Weird work stuff

You definately can meet all sorts of people working in a hotel. There’s so many different departments and people ages 16-80. I have to pick up and turn in my bank before and after work. I met a lady who works in retail… an older nice lady. It’s weird coz I know she’s been in the satellite cage because of the perfume she wears. It’s not like it smells bad.. but it’s very sweet smelling and I think she uses alot. Or maybe it’s just so powerful. It lingers after she has already left. Then I always see this lady walking around.. I believe I talked to her once. She’s nice.. but she talks to herself like she’s having a conversation. Usually she says I don’t have to work anymore.. or I hate working.. I can’t wait til I don’t have to work here. But, I always see her a couple times a week. Guess she just hates her job so much.

Yesterday, I sat lunch with this guy Paul who works in retail. I usually see him when I’m picking up my bank. He’s very talkative. He reminded me about surfing. I’ve always wanted to learn how to surf. There’s so many different things I want to try.. sometimes to get over the fear or wanting to do something exciting. I just haven’t. I think surfing would be very fun.. but of course challenging at the same time. He was telling me that it’s amazing surfing out there in the ocean. One day.. I did get a tattoo to get over my fear of the pain… that hurt a bit. I kept shaking because I was so nervous. I want to get another one sometime.. I just haven’t thought of anything kewl to get.

I know I don’t really get out much.. it seems like I’m just wasting my life away watching my anime & cartoons.. and just surfing the internet. I’m going to try to get out more and enjoy all the things that Vegas has to offer. We do have awesome shows, great restaurants and some nice nature. I haven’t been to Red Rock in ages. I need to enjoy life more and LIVE!!! I’m hoping my best friend Violet moves back to Vegas. We’re so much alike.. we just have so much fun together. I hope she moves out of Hell, Indiana soon.


4 thoughts on “Weird work stuff

  1. Indiana. Born and raised and lived most of my life there. Geeze, that’s one nasty state! Moving away from there to South Texas was one of the smartest things I ever did!

    Yep, I hope your friend escapes from there, too. And soon!

  2. Hey, I hope I get to move back soon too!!!! heheheheh…. That would so much fun. I need to get my spirit back. This place is so draining. I miss how I was in Vegas. More fun. heheheh.. 😀 *crosses fingers*

  3. That was a very smart move Roscoe! There’s some great events out in San Antonio.. you lucky dog! I’m sure Violet will get here sooner or later.

  4. Gawd, you better get back very soon Violet!! We both need our crazy spirits back… to live life and have fun!

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