Burning flesh

I’ve had this big mole on my right arm for a couple years. I have hit it on on things and it’s hurt like hell. I’ve always wanted to take it off..it might be cancerous. So, I did that on Thursday. I was nervous about it since I thought it might hurt. They put a needle in it and that hurts a little. I’m not sure if that’s to numb it or what. Anyway, it’s this machine and it burns it. So, it’s shocking my ugly mole.. and it’s burning flesh. How lovely! There was a blood vessel under it and it started bleeding. It did ache a little after.. But, now it’s just healing. I’m not sure what it will look like. Right now, it’s turning white around it.


2 thoughts on “Burning flesh

  1. I wanted to do that to a mole I have on my cheek. I just got some of that salicylic acid and burned it myself. It’s not gone, but it’s much better. It was so ugly. Now it’s normal looking. I have one on my neck that I might just cut off. It bothers me.. How much did it cost? I don’t have health insurance.
    Disclaimer: Do not do what I did.. It might not work for everyone, I took a chance. Acid can cause permanent damage if you’re not careful and may scar.

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