Better Reading

I have been searching for a new MMORPG ever since I gave up on Maplestory. I was pretty bad at Maplestory. I did enjoy playing ROSE but got bored with it. I’m thinking of playing DOFUS. It’s now free, so I’m going to try it out. It looks promising. I’m hoping it will be good. It makes me think of the word Doofus though hehe.

I hope everybody had a Happy Halloween! It looks like dildos like to dress up too! 😉

I was watching commandN and saw a great site called Revver. You can upload your videos and share them with everybody. Also, you can make money by people clicking on your links. Here’s a great video for ya:

Recently, I was at work and I saw on a Doritos bag it said Better Tasting. Seriously, I would understand More Flavor or Cheesier.. but Better Tasting? According to who? I think it tasted just fine before. I think weird things when I’m on break and I’m bored outta my mind.


One thought on “Better Reading

  1. DOFUS looks cool!! But I am worried that I am so into Maple Story that I wouldn’t have enough time for DOFUS. What a name… lol… I wonder when you have to start paying for it… I want to give it a try. I need to read some guides first though. 🙂

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