Anime sickness

Oh man, I can’t believe I missed all my anime on Saturday! I just started getting sick and I was soo tired. I missed the first showing on Adult Swim. I tried to watch S-CRY-ED and only saw part of it. I really wanted to watch Inuyasha but I fell asleep. Good thing they have great sites like that have episode recaps! I don’t understand why they don’t replay Inuyasha on Thursday. But, I guess they figure we get too much of Inuyasha with the old episodes that play during the week.

Here’s a new Crispin Freeman interview. He does the voice of Alucard on Hellsing and Amon on Witch Hunter Robin.

Work has been ok. I’ve been sick with a sore throat, headache and slight fever. I don’t want to call in since I have alot of points already. In case I get REAL sick this winter.. I’m trying to save a point for that hehehe.


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