Hair Poll

I still can’t decide what to do with my hair. I have golden highlights in my dark brown hair. My highlights are growing out now, but it still looks alright. I can’t decide if I should do the highlights again or go back to my natural hair color. Give me your opinion. Highlights or Natural?




7 thoughts on “Hair Poll

  1. Well, I love the highlights myself.
    But I also like you natural.
    I’m going to vote for highlights.

  2. Both the highlights and the natural look really nice on you, imho, but I’ve always been a big proponent of change. I’d say that if you’re even at the point of questioning whether or not to change your hair coloring, heck, go ahead and do it. You can always change it back, ya’ know?

    Of course, this advice comes from A.) a man who B.) shaves his head as smooth as a billiard ball, so any input from me regarding hair should be taken for what it’s worth. heh.

  3. i like the natural becuase…
    1. it’s low maintenance
    2. don’t have to spend $xxx every 6 weeks – cause you know the roots stick out like a sore thumb!!
    3. it looks great!

    of course, my opinion is from personal experience. for about 6 months i was on this color kick, but it got so high maintenance for me that i said “fuck it” and bought black hair dye and dyed it all one color again! i don’t think i’ll be doing the color thing anytime soon…

  4. I think the natural look is the prettiest of the two.

  5. Ooh, I still can’t decide hehe…. I’ve had a couple friends at work say highlights too. I think I may go back to natural. I’m REALLY bad at going to my hairdresser to get my haircut. We’ll see though. 😉

  6. I think you should go in between the two. The highlights look a little too light, and do your eyebrows. brush some wax into them, and fill them in with some brown eyeshadow, and have them waxed.

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