Mole revisited

I went to the Cancer Center today to find out about my ex-mole hehe. They said I should have came to their office first and then I would’ve the surgery on the first visit. I guess I shouldn’t have gotten it burnt off. But, no biggie.. I just have to wait 3 weeks for the actual surgery. I need approval from my insurance first. I will be getting it taken out (I say chopped off but that does sound harsh hehe).. and I’ll be getting stitches. The PA said I will get a scar probably an inch or so long. I’m a little scared about the stitches since I’ve never had any before. I’m sure it will hurt a little… At least the surgery is only about 30 minutes or so long.

*Spoilers ahead if you haven’t been watching Inuyasha regularly*

Inuyasha was good this past weekend. Did it really take Kagome THIS long to realize that she’s in love with Inuyasha… oh, COME on! She should have figured that out a long time ago. Inuyasha is pretty naive when it comes to love matters. It’s pretty funny. Anyway, the baby that came from Naraku is really scary and ugly. I’m sure we’ll see him more. I was looking forward to seeing Naraku again. Unfortunately, we won’t be getting new epsidoes of Inuyasha until next year. Hopefully, we’ll be able to see the end of the series in 2006. I’m happy that we’ll be getting new episodes of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex and Samural Champloo. It’s always great to have a few anime series with new episodes at the same time. I wish the tachikomas would come back. I want one so bad! They’re so cute and kewl.

I’ll be posting the Hottie of the Month soon. It will be a lovely woman this time. I almost forgot.. but I’ll post it very soon. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Mole revisited

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  3. Inuyasha rules. Thanks for adding me to your bookmarks Love Inuyasha!

  4. i love the cartoon caleed inuyasha verrrrry much
    but it stoped till episode 167 so i would like to know if it will continue pleez reply

  5. Sameera… Inuyasha ended at episode 167. Check out the episode list. There are also 4 movies now.

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