Sick girl

I had a nice Thanksgiving. Hope everybody did as well! I have been sick since Saturday. I’m finally getting alot better now. I decided to try DOFUS since I was stuck at home. It’s a kewl game. The fighting is different. You can click on a bird or arachnee (spider) and then fight them. Then you have a maximum number of grid movements and action points (your spells or fighting). Each person takes turns.. until somebody dies. Of course, like any MMORPG.. you get quests. DOFUS is free but only limited to the first town. I’m still stuck on some of my quests. I wish I could explore other towns because I know eventually I’ll solve all my quests and have nothing else to do. Right now I believe I’m level 7.. trying to become a Jeweller. If you’re playing, come say hi.. my name is Aeyame on there. 🙂 I found a great resource.. lets you know where people are in the game. Awesome!


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