My ex-mole surgery went well. I got 4 stitches. At first, I had a big bandage on it and couldn’t get it wet for 2 days. I have to keep it covered with a bandaid and put ointment on it 1-3 times a day. I’ll get them removed on the 22nd. I was pretty nervous about it. I thought it would hurt. But, they numbed the area so I didn’t feel a thing! I have been busy lately.. I have been trying to catch up on sleep also. I’ve barely started Christmas shopping. I guess I should get to that soon. More to come soon!


One thought on “Stitches

  1. Yeah, I wish I could be Christmas shopping, but I have to save my money, after I get there, I want to buy you something for Christmas. I’m going to be there in less than a month now! Yey!!!!!!!

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