Love, sex and funny dates

I have been bad. I haven’t been on the internet much at all. I did want to talk about what has been happening on anime, Battlestar Galactica and #1 Single. I’m sick at home from work so this is a perfect time! hehe

* Spoilers if you haven’t watched the latest in Inuyasha, Inuyasha movie #2 The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass, Full Metal Alchemist, Battlestar Galactica and #1 Single – you have been warned! *

Dog Gone!

Feb. 7th Inuyasha episode #132 – Ahhh, finally Miroku confesses his love for Sango! Like everybody didn’t know he had such strong feelings for her!… Well, of course Inuyasha probably didn’t know, but he’s so naive when it comes to love matters. I don’t know why it’s so slow with the love situations in this anime. I mean seriously why hasn’t Inuyasha and Kagome kissed yet in the series. Yes, of course if you watch movie #2 The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass, you’ll see a nice kiss between Inuyasha and Kagome..Finally! I know Rumiko is known for her love triangles.. but, I think we deserve a kiss every now and then in the series! Ok, I digress. It was nice to see Miroku about to risk his life for the lovely Sango at Mount Hakurei. Now, we know he loves her and actually wants to marry her and have kids! He definately is stupid though… for not saying he’ll forget about all the other girls. You know it won’t be easy for him to give up his pimp ways!

Feb. 14th Inuyasha episode #133 – Wow, I never knew somebody could love Sesshomaru! And she’s a cutie too. Of course, when Sara said that she met him long ago… he coldly says I don’t know you. How rude is that! He probably doesn’t remember that battle from back in the day. But, for Sara it only took one look at Sesshomaru to make her fall in love with him. I’m still lost with how she isn’t really a demon but is…? I’m sure we’ll find out more next week. Again, we see Inuyasha being too stupid to realize the trap. Of course, he actually didn’t want to help out anybody this episode. I think he’s being moody lately hehe. I know Shippo already realized about Sango and Miroku being frozen possibly by Sara but didn’t voice it until Inuyasha was helping out with the stone. I swear they’re kind of stupid sometimes heh.

Show me the Light

Feb. 4th Full Metal Alchemist episode #45 – It’s crazy to find out that Ed & Al’s Dad is a hommunculi human with a new body. Hohenheim of Light is over 400 years old. I thought that he was a hommunculi, but he actually used the stone to transfer his soul to a new body.   The body he uses starts to rot and his soul must be transferred to a new body.  The hommunculi is actually created from raw materials and has no soul.

Feb. 11th Full Metal episode #46 – I’m glad they found the stone.. but of course, it’s still crazy to know that it’s inside Alphonse. Al doesn’t think and always goes off on his own. I might do the same thing to find out more about using the stone. But, I don’t know I would get Tucker’s help. He’s always been a bit off and he’s totally obsessed with bringing back Nina. He’s the one who killed her but now he has to bring her back to life. What a freak! I don’t know why part of his armor has disappeared after doing a human transmutation. I guess it could be because the stone’s power was used. You know Ed is going to be pissed when he finds out next week!


Feb. 3rd Battlestar Galactica episode #30 – This episode is all about trying to kill the Cylon Raider Scar. Starbuck is totally bent on killing him before that other girl. Anyway, she almost sleeps with Apollo. I just read this on

“According to his podcast Moore did not like the the original act break of Starbuck leaving Apollo’s place. So in the rewrite he wanted na act break to show how Kara has become obssessed with Scar because of her messed up life. In his note his only example was the image of Starbuck naked with a revolver.This led to the scene of Kara watching the video while drinking.”

Wow, I wouldn’t give up a chance to sleep with the lovely Apollo. I guess she was too stressed out though about Scar. I would forget about all my worries to sleep with a hottie like that! They’ve had so much sexual tension… they should have done it! She had one of the Adama brothers.. now she should have the hot brother!! Oh well…

Feb. 10th Battlestar Galactica episode #31 – This was an alright episode. It was definately messed up when Billy proposes to Dualla and she turns him down. Poor Billy! Dualla still has the hots for Lee (Apollo).. I mean who wouldn’t!? Dualla and Lee are at a bar on Cloud Nine. Billy sees them there and gets mad. Then the terrorists are holding them all hostage. Poor Lee gets shot..(how many lives does he have?!) and then Billy tries to prove something..steals a gun and tries to shoot somebody. But, he ends up getting shot and then dying. Dualla already told him he doesn’t have to prove he’s a hero either.

Singled Out

#1 Single is a great show about Lisa Loeb’s life.. trying to find a great man. I’ve always loved Lisa Loeb.. she’s beautiful.. she can sing and write her own music..what a combo! You definately have to check out the first episode… a guy sings a lovely song to her.. it’s the funniest thing! Lisa doesn’t seem to have luck with guys. Allen from episode #2 was a jerk.. the whole thing with the newspaper getting a quote from him… that was wrong!! He was ugly anyway… time for more dates! 🙂

Feb. 5th #1 Single episode #3 – Lisa’s set up on a blind date with a younger man named Dan. Dan is a hottie but he definately needs a new hairdo… seriously, who has hair that long on the side.. or are those sideburns?.. either way EWWW, get rid of that hair! It was funny how she kept asking her friends for advice and reading the relationship books and then going on a date with Dan. I STILL can’t believe she let him pay for her $300 stuff at the store hahaha…..that’s crazy! At least she did give him the money back on the third date. I think Lisa should have gone out on more dates with Dan. They seriously didn’t get to know each other AT all. But, he did talk her out of the pink bin. I would not compromise my personal color style for a guy hehehe.

Feb. 12th #1 Single episode #4 – Illeana Douglas is a kewl friend of Lisa’s. She lets her borrow a dog (from one of the guys from Queer Eye) to go to a dog party where you meet other dog owners. Only in New York! Lisa meets a hot guy named David. David seems like a jerk though.. he doesn’t even try to get her number when she was clearly interested. They end up going to the zoo for a date. David is a prick and keeps getting calls.. he says that he’s like a relationship expert like Dear Abby… give me a break! He’s probably getting multiple calls from chics or some business stuff. He totally disses Lisa and says he has to go… he kinda seems sorry.. not really.. and doesn’t give an excuse at ALL. What an ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I still can’t get over the fact that he sends her a bunch of roses and says he had fun and he wants to go out again…. WHATEVER!!! He definately needs to get a clue. He probably didn’t want to seem like a jerk on tv.. hahahaha. She later goes on a date with fancy schmancy guy Cody. He’s too proper and snobby..he even stopped her from eating more dessert.. oh noo!!


12 thoughts on “Love, sex and funny dates

  1. inuyasha and kagome should kiss more offten i’m just woudering do kagome and inuyasha make out when there alone?

  2. It’s funny that they’ve been travelling together for so long and they don’t kiss at all. I bet they make out when everybody’s asleep. I definately think they should have included more romantic moments with Inuyasha and Kagome and Miroku and Sango.

  3. splendid blog!

  4. I think that Inuyasha and Kagome should have more romanticer scenes and make out when everyone is asleep so that Kikyo would die already.I also think that Inuyasha should tell Kagome he loves her and on that very moment have sex and show details.

  5. Thanks kissinger.

  6. I do think they should kiss at least! I’m not a fan of Kikyo with Inuyasha myself. I know that they wouldn’t have sex on the anime. But, maybe they could allude to it. I still find it hard to believe that they’re supposed to be teenagers and they kiss at all. Even with Sango and Miroku.. they should kiss!!

  7. I totally think that inuyasha and kagome should confess their love to each other and make out or at least do something like that. It is so stupid watching Kikyo get all the attention. Kagome sgould tell inuyasha about all the times Kikyo has been mean to her. I’m not exactly a big fan of Kikyo. Come on inuyasha make your move on kagome already!

  8. I would have loved to see them express their feelings. It’s obvious Inuyasha and Kagome like each other. It is messed up that only Kikyo actually gets to kiss him. I wish they would make more episodes and have Inuyasha and Kagome actually have a relationship. Now, THAT would be interesting!

  9. you know what jen?,you are a dumbfuck if they ever alluded to sex that’d be sick.,so fuck you pervert!

  10. even though you posted that along time ago it still makes me mad to hear anyone say something like that,i mean it’s totally sick to even think!

  11. I mean they’re supposed to be fucking 14!!!! what kind of a sick minded person are you?!?!?!

  12. Kids have sex all the time… at young ages… I just wanted them to show them kiss more.

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