Tasty dinner

Enchilada & Taco Combo

Cheese Enchilada and Ground Beef Taco Combo

Burrito Enchilada Style baby!

Bean and Cheese Burrito – Enchilada Style

I think that a good meal is in order every now and then. It definately beats the same fast food, tv dinners and the food I eat at work. I can’t cook really so eating out is a nice treat. We decided to eat at Chapala’s. It’s awesome Mexican food with great prices. I had the enchilada and taco combo. There’s not many places that serve the ground beef taco, so I had to try it. I was not disappointed. It was delicious. My boyfriend got the burrito enchilado style. That thing is HUGE. The bean and cheese just melt in your mouth… mmm!! The strawberry margarita was perfect.. gave me a nice buzz ;). I wanted to get the fried ice cream since I haven’t had it in awhile and my boyfriend has never had it. But, we were too full after all the chips and salsa and our big meals. I have been thinking about this place for awhile and it always is great. It’s the first day of my vacation. I’m not doing much. I’m just relaxing in Vegas… being content that I’m not working for 10 days.


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