Evil Naraku

I forgot to talk about the latest episode of Inuyasha. It played on August 1, 2006. Sadly, we won’t be getting any more new episodes for awhile… I heard somewhere online that new episodes won’t air until Fall 2006.

*SPOILERS of Inuyasha if you don’t watch it reguarly on Adult Swim*

The moment where Naraku is defeated.. but really isn’t. I thought Wow they FINALLY beat him! But, it seemed very anti-climatic since it was a bit too easy to kill him. Then we find out that somehow he survived since Hakadoshi was in a barrier. I think that’s why…? Of course, Naraku always thinks ahead… evil bastard. He is such a coward in my mind. I think that they do have to find Naraku’s heart in order to defeat him. Maybe it’s in Hakadoshi?… I’m not positive on anything. I’m sad that it will be all coming to an end shortly.. but I’d love to see Naraku ACTUALLY be defeated and gone. I would love to find out about all of the group… What happens to Kagome.. does she go back to her modern times? Maybe she ends up dating Hojo. What will Inuyasha do now? Will Sango and Miroku get married or will Miroku be a pimp the rest of his life? What happens with Shippo.. will he become the next Pimp Daddy like Miroku? hehe. I’ll have to wait to find out. I’d love to know what Rumiko is doing now.. if her next project will be good.

I have been collecting Inuyasha TCG cards. The game is very easy to learn and it’s lots of fun. I’d love to know if there’s any other Las Vegas players in town. That would be great. My boyfriend and I play sometimes. We are planning to go to the Anime Vegas this year. It’s at the Cashman Field. We’ve been meaning to go to that and the Anime Expo but still haven’t made either one. I already have the days off so I’m going for sure. I wish I had more time to put together a kewl cosplay outfit. Maybe next year!


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