Red pat-pat

I used to never have allergies. But, it seems that I sneeze a lot more. I think that we have been getting more winds in the past couple years. I was at work last week and my nose itched so much. I scratched it so hard… it made my nose turned red. I felt like Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer. It was horrible for a little while.. but it didn’t last too long.

My first thoughts on Shin-Chan. Boy, that’s a weird cartoon. It was funny. I don’t understand though.. how come the kids faces are shaped round and lopsided while most of the adults faces are pointy? I’m not sure why he likes to show his pat-pat (butt). It’s definately silly though.

The Smashing Pumpkins have reunited. They’re currently in the studio making a new album. What great news! I hope that they make some great music. I don’t know what happened when Billy Corgan was in Zwan. I don’t understand how somebody so talented could make such crap. I don’t listen to the radio that much. I can’t really get into most new music. I found a great radio station called Area 108. The station plays alternative music. You can listen online too.

Kevin Federline is going to appear on an episode of CSI. UGh!  I seriously don’t know why but he thinks he’s something special.  I don’t know if the world will ever embrace his music.  I’m sure it’s mostly because his wife is Britney Spears.. but really it’s because he’s talentless and he can’t sing.  He just got lucky marrying a rich bitch pop star.


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