TV addict

I know I’m not normal. I spend way too much time watching tv. It’s usually cartoons or anime but I also enjoy great sci-fi, horror and comedy movies and shows. I also love cooking shows even though I can’t cook very well.


*Spoilers of Battlestar Galactica ahead, if you haven’t been watching new season*

I’m so excited to have Battlestar Galactica back! It’s still awesome. I was exciting in the premiere to see Apollo… I was thinking to myself Ooh we get to see him with his shirt off. But, then it turns out he got fat. Then I was thinking Put that shirt back on! It’s horrible to see how bad the Cylons have been since they came to New Caprica. I was so glad to see that they avoided too many casualties from the list that were supposed to be executed. The creepy guy who took Starbuck.. he’s definately more than a stalker.. since he took her uterus to make a baby and then kidnapped her to “make” her love him. What a freak!
It’s definately going to be a little while until they get all the survivors from New Caprica back onto Galactica. I’m just exciting to know that there’s hope. I have hope that Apollo will work out more to get those extra pounds off too. Heh.

*Spoilers of Inuyasha if you haven’t watched episode 159*

Ahh, Inuyasha. I’ve been watching the re-runs to refresh my memory and figure out the whole mystery with Naraku. I was mistaken earlier when I posted that Naraku’s heart could be inside Hakodoshi. It’s actually inside his other half, the scary baby that Naraku so badly wanted to protect. It’s kewl to see the Adamant Barrage. It looks like Inuyasha is going to use it to make some money in the new episode #160, airing this Monday night. There’s only 8 more episodes remaining. I’m exciting to find out what happens. I can’t wait until Naraku dies. I don’t know what will become of Kohaku. Will he still be alive after Naraku dies and then the shard is gone?
What will Kagura do once she’s free do what she pleases? I’m so glad the new episodes are coming already.

New Premieres I’m looking forward to:
Inyuasha – October 16
Aqua Teen Hunger Force – October 29
Family Guy (Premiere on Adult Swim) – October 29
Moral Orel – November 12
The Lost Room – December
Pee-wee’s Christmas Special – December 11


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