That was the ending?!?

Oh man, I’m still disappointed and mad at the Inuyasha (Episode 167) ending. It was truly bad.

*SPOILERS If you haven’t seen Inuyasha Episode 167*

It didn’t resolve anything. Naraku still has the damn jewel shard. At the end of the show, they say they’ll follow Naraku til the ends of the earth. Kikyo is still alive (damn it! She needs to die already.. haha). Kohaku still is being controlled by Naraku. We did find out that Kagura likes Sesshomaru. That’s not a big deal really. Miroku still has the cursed wind tunnel in his hand.

I read in a anime magazine that Rumiko Takahashi is done with the Inuyasha series and is creating a new manga I believe. I know that the story in the manga does go beyond the story in the anime series. The Japanese manga ends at Volume 48. Right now, the American manga is up to Volume 27. So, I guess reading the manga might actually give me more to the story. I just don’t understand why the series would end in such a weak way. It’s like taking the easy way out.. or maybe it’s forcing us to buy the manga for more profit. I wish Cartoon Network would decide to create more episodes like they did with Big O. It would be nice if they made a movie that left off after the anime series.

Adult Swim is playing some of the re-runs now and they’ll be starting from the beginning next year. The fourth movie Fire on the Mystic Island will be playing on December 23, 2006 on Adult Swim. You should watch this movie. It’s great! There’s lots of action and the story is very interesting.


One thought on “That was the ending?!?

  1. I share your dissapointment for not ending that series even after that many episodes. I don’t know how I ended up on your blog or this post, I haven’t seen Inuyasha in years, but like I said, I don’t think I could have been more angry at the end. Take Care

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