People are strange…

I still can’t figure out people sometimes. I know it’s common for people to share their experiences when having a conversations. But, it may seem like they are a bit self-centered. I guess it’s not a bad thing to bring up funny stories about yourself or your friends. When is it too much, though? Dominant personalities can rub me the wrong way. I try to tolerate people, unless it really does become a problem. Then I will let know how I feel. I don’t like confrontations and fights. I tend to keep things bottled up inside.  I’ve always been passive aggressive. Of course, not talking about things does have it’s downside, when you can’t take it anymore and you blow up.

Also, I don’t understand people who always seem to know what you’re talking about. Why do they have to be the Know-It-All person. Are they so insecure that they have to seem like they know everything to make themselves feel better?

I don’t know if I’ll ever understand people completely. I’ll always keep trying though.


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