Mai Tai

Ahh, the Mai Tai! This is definately my favorite alcoholic drink of all time! It’s fruity and tasty. I always forget the names of most drinks but I never forget the Mai Tai.

Mai Tai

2 parts Light rum
2 parts Dark rum
2 parts Gold rum
1 part Orange Curacao

1 part Lime Juice
1 part Orgeat syrup

Maraschino cherry

1 ounce Light rum
1 ounce Gold rum
1 ounce Dark rum
1/2 ounce Orange Curacao (or Triple Sec)
1/2 ounce Orgeat syrup (Almond syrup)
1/2 ounce Lime juice

Mix well and pour into a fishbowl glass filled with ice. Serve with a straw and a maraschino cherry for garnish.

Triple Sec can be substited for the Orange Curacao.
The dark rum can be added last and floated on the top of the drink.
If available 1/4 ounce of Rock Candy Syrup can be added.

Check out The Original Mai Tai on ExtraTasty!


4 thoughts on “Mai Tai

  1. The Mai Tai is good…but have you ever tried a blue motorcycle? If not, do yourself a favor and order one next time!

  2. I haven’t even heard of that. I’ll look it up on the net and try it next time I’m out. Thanks mickeyyarber!

  3. I love mai tais. That’s all I drank in Maui on my honeymoon. Yummmm!

  4. Mai Tais are the best! They are delicious!

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