Thoughts on Marriage

I was talking to a lady at work about marriage. She was telling me that marriage isn’t really different than dating except that you’re married. She also said you have a wedding ring.. but you can still have the ring without being married. It’s great that you’re officially Mister and Mrs., but does it really change the way you feel? I don’t know if it would change anything regards to your relationship. I have been together with my boyfriend for many years but still haven’t tied the knot. I don’t think it’s such a big deal to be married. As long as you’re committed, I don’t believe getting married is required. In some cases I think women feel more secure being married. It’s like a reassurance that their man will take care of them and be there for the rest of their lives. In the present day I don’t believe that marriage is such a high priority to women. I think careers are a high priority and then later on getting married and having some kids. I do know that there are some good things in being married like building a family, being in love, and for taxes (so they say!). I just don’t believe marriage is for everybody.


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