Evil Cold

I’m glad CES is over with. We were super busy at work. It has been so cold this week. We’ve been having a mild winter and then boom it’s freezing cold. It looks like it’s hitting everywhere though. I just wish it would be warmer again. Oh well. I couldn’t find thermals anywhere. Wal-mart and Target were both sold out. I was looking for a cheap bookshelf and the Wal-Mart I was at didn’t have it. So, we had to trek to the other Wal-Mart that we knew had the bookshelf. Good thing we went there.. they had some thermals there. They have some nice sleepwear thermals. I did grab a bag of thermals without looking at anything but the size. It turned out to be for boys. Heh. They were a bit snug for me. I like the regular thermals though because they go in at the bottom. So, it’s better to wear under pants. I still haven’t found any good gloves. I had the best Eddie Bauer gloves that were sooo soft. But, I lost one of them. I always seem to lose things. In the last couple years, it seems that I lose one of a pair. I also lost a beach sandal. It’s not a big loss there since they weren’t expensive. Anyway, I found some nice fleece gloves at Amazon that I’m going to buy.

The internet is evil. It seems to suck me in every time I use it at home. I think it’s because I always have e-mails to check, myspace and working on the blog. I always get trapped looking up something and then I don’t realize I’ve been on the computer for over an hour.


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