Best Donuts ever

Dee’s Donuts


Dee’s Donuts has the best donuts in Las Vegas. I told my boyfriend about the cruellers they have at Krispy Kreme. He said that I must try the cruellers over at Dee’s. They definately have better flavor. I don’t know how they make it so fluffy and light. It’s heavenly! The cruellers come in six different flavors: blueberry, cherry, chocolate, maple, vanilla and cinnamon.


Dee’s Donuts do have other varieties of donuts like maple bars, cake donuts with sprinkles, and donuts with cream. One of my favorites is a chocolate donut with chocolate chips. It sounds like it would be chocolate overload.. but the chocolate chips just add a great texture. Dee’s has some great prices for a dozen or a half dozen. The staff is very friendly. They have two locations in town. The original Buffalo location opens early at 4 am.



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