Yes, I’m still here…

I haven’t posted anything lately. Sorry about that! I switched to a morning shift with weekends off. It was a big change compared to my swing shift with Thursday and Friday off. It seems I do have alot more time to do things during the week now. It’s was a bit crazy at work with two big conventions. We had two very hectic weeks. I recently trained to cover for my manager when he’s gone. I hope I am doing a good job. I was involved with some office politics. But, there’s another guy who has been trained to cover as well. Thank goodness it all got resolved.

I just turned 31 and I’m not sure if I really do feel older. I didn’t even want to really do anything to celebrate though. My boyfriend and I just had a nice dinner together. I do still look young so that’s a plus. Thanks to my parents for my great genes. Hehe. I do feel some creaks in my bones though. I think I will have arthritis one day since my mom has it.

I started working out today. I was trying to like two months ago but then I stopped. The boyfriend and I are trying to do our best with working out. I got some Burn 60 at GNC and whey protein. He has some whey protein and some creatine drink. I’m going to try my hardest to stick to it. It’s great that I have somebody who will motivate me to keep up with it. I’ve always wanted to lose weight but of course laziness got the best of me. It’s not time to make excuses anymore. I’ve actually been eating better. Today, I walked a mile. I also did some sit-ups, push-ups and some arm exercises with 2 pound weights. I will have to buy heavier weights eventually.

Here’s a great weight loss motivational quote for the day:

Instead of giving myself reasons why I can’t, I give myself reasons why I can.

– Unknown Author


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