Crazy killing

Pinata Beat Down

I heard about this killing game from watching Adult Swim. It’s called Five Minutes to Kill (Yourself). The object is to kill yourself by objects that you find around the office. Your co-workers can also aid you. You only have 5 minutes to complete the task. The bottom of the screen shows the remaining time you have. The controls are simple. The arrow keys move you around. Press M to see a map of the office. It shows you co-workers and objects that can help you. Spacebar lets you use items and talk to co-workers. When talking to a co-worker, scroll down with the up or down arrow and then press Spacebar to select it. You will see a green arrow on top of an item you can use. Sometimes you need two items so they can combine and do some damage to you. After you hurt yourself, there’s a red bar and it shows you how much damage you actually did to your body. This game is definately challenging. It took me a few times to actually kill myself successfully. I only had seconds to spare with a time of 4 minutes and 39 seconds.


2 thoughts on “Crazy killing

  1. It’s so fun! 😉

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