Strange dream

I had the weirdest dream. I was driving my car with a bunch of friends. I remember I was getting onto the freeway. Then for some reason I couldn’t see. It was pitch black. I said I can’t see. I was scared. Then suddenly I saw my friends..they were all blurry. They were tripping out and trying to make sure I was alright. Then I popped back into my body all quick.. like I wasn’t in my body for a couple minutes. I woke up a few minutes later. Now I can’t sleep… strange stuff.


4 thoughts on “Strange dream

  1. Weird. I’ve been having some pretty strange dreams lately myself. Luckily I forget most of them shortly after waking.

  2. The metaphor of driving means the way you are driving your life. When you drive your life with your friends, you are out of yourself, things go black and blurry. If you want your life to go well with a lot of clarity and be on a good road and be fully present in your body, you can analyze how your friends are affecting you in a negative way.

  3. Roscoe, I usually forget mine as well. This the first one I’ve remembered in awhile.

  4. Wow Richard.. thanks. I think I know what it’s telling me. There’s been a bunch of drama in my life.

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