Vegas Adventure

I really haven’t been updating as much as I should be. I’ve been going out quite a bit the last couple months. My boyfriend who I was with for a long time broke up with me in April. I know it was a hard thing for me considering it came out of nowhere. But, I know we had a lot of problems and bad tension. I’m seriously much happier now. I have a new outlook on life and a new cute layered haircut. I’ve been living life fully now and enjoying what Las Vegas offers. I recently have been going out more on the Las Vegas strip and doing things I have never done. It feels great to be a tourist in your own town. There’s just so much to do here. I have certainly taken Vegas for granted for too many years. Most locals avoid the Strip like the plague and only go there if they have to work or if company is in town and you have to show them around.

Here are some of the highlights of exciting things I have been doing lately. Of course it helps having great friends to enjoy it with. I’m just glad I know some cool people.

Hookah Lounge at Paymon’s Mediterranean Cafe is a kewl cozy spot. I had never smoked Hookah before and was interested in going for awhile now. The Sahara location is very dark and has an amazing atmosphere. I love the artsy naked chics on the wall and all the Mediterranean decorations. I absolutely love these cute little pointy shoes that look like they’re by this big bra. My friend Betzy and I wanted to take them. The Hookah flavors that they have are great such as Cola, Mango and Jasmine. The food is amazing there. I love the tasty hummus. The savory drinks are kewl with great names like Babylon Spice or Genie’s Navel. Happy Hour from 5 to 7 pm is the time to go where drinks and hookah are half off.

Kelley’s Pub (formerly Hot Shots) has great karaoke. This is a small bar that offers karaoke on the weekends. The nice part is that they have a stage for you to sing on. Leslie is the friendly and funny hostess who makes it fun and keeps the songs coming. They have the biggest book that has hundreds of songs. Much to my surprise I found my favorite artist Morrissey in the song book. If you’re looking for a more current song that’s been out for at least 6 months.. talk to Leslie she might just have it on the computer. The drinks here are good and cheap. Thanks to Michelle, I had my first chocolate cake shot here. Wow, it really does taste like a chocolate cake! Be wary of the Adios Motherfucker.. it will definately get you messed up.

Shintaro is a posh Japanese restaurant at The Bellagio. The food is top quality. I’m not much into the raw sushi. I forgot that sashimi is raw fish. It was sashimi spring rolls. Wow, it was very fresh and tasty. My friend Ivan had the great tuna sushi and I had the tempura shrimp sushi. I now like the raw stuff. I’m a bit messy though.. it’s hard trying to put a whole sushi piece in your mouth especially if there’s a shrimp sticking out of it! I had the sirloin which went well with the miso sauce. The wasabi mashed potatoes were too strange for me to eat more than a spoonful. Mashed potatoes should be creamy not spicy hot. But, they get points for originality.

JET is a nightclub at The Mirage. I have been going to this club on Monday nights. Of course, it’s not a night you’d think would be popular. But, it’s actually the place to go on a Monday night. It’s a big long process getting in. If you don’t have the hookup, it will be awhile until you get in.. probably like 1 or 2 am. I love this club because it has 3 different rooms with different types of music. There’s the huge main room which plays a mix of rock, pop and hip hop. There’s a great house room and then the hip hop room. I enjoy the main room since the dj mixes up a little bit of everything that keeps you dancing all night.

Grand Lux Cafe at the Venetian is a popular place that’s open 24 hours. It’s owned by the same company who brought us the Cheesecake Factory so you know the quality is good. They have a humongous menu. I had the best Strawberry Belgian Waffles. It was so fresh. It was crunchy waffles with nice red strawberries and sprinkled with powdered sugar. The only downside was I got the sugar on my pants. Not a big deal though.

Augustus Cafe at Caesars Place. They truly have the best chicken quesadillas. Mmmm, it was delicious.

Mac King Show. This is seriously an awesome afternoon show. It’s a magic show for all ages with some comedy mixed in. It’s very cheap to go. You can usually find a great coupon outside Harrah’s near the Carnaval Court that comes with a free drink. Mac King looks really young but he’s definitely a very talented magician. I’m still amazed of how he can pull goldfish out of his mouth. The audience participation is a riot. Check out this show. You will be entertained.

Carnaval Court is a courtyard in the front of Harrah’s. They have great free music throughout the day. I loved seeing the band called Lefty Lucy. They play popular songs from Sheryl Crow, Jimmy Buffet, Aerosmith and Kelly Clarkson. This is a great free outdoor place to relax, have a drink or even work on your laptop.

Go Raw Cafe is a living cuisine cafe. It’s a short 10 minute drive from the Las Vegas Strip. Ivan told me about this place and I was very intrigued. It’s vegan food that doesn’t have anything cooked, heated or any processed food in it. They have original dishes that have wonderful flavor and makes you think you’re eating the real deal. We started out with the Cream of Carrot & Avocado Soup. You would think that cold soup wouldn’t taste good. It was so creamy, I could have had the whole thing. I also had the delicious Straw-bana Smoothie. We ordered the sushi. It was very strong and had great juicy flavors. The Pizza was great. It had a buckwheat crust that had a great taste. It’s kinda like a soft cracker. The sauce was a bit strong for me. It was like eating a very healthy pizza. The Gimme the Beet “Cheese” Burger with fries is a veggie burger. I liked it but it really didn’t taste like a cheese burger. But, of course that’s hard to achieve. It had the living bread with lots of veggies for toppings. I ate this one with a fork since I couldn’t cut the living bread. It’s great to try different things here. I would love to try the Enchiladas and Lasagna here next time. If you’re adventurous, go here for a unique dining experience.

Dancing Water

Bellagio Fountains at the Bellagio are definitely a must see free show. I’ve seen it several times before but not in a long time. I find it very romantic. It has water fountains that dance in sync with great music. The jets make the water soar so high into the air. It really does sound like fireworks or an airplane flying close by. I would love to see it more because they have a variety shows with a few different songs.

Jean Philippe Patisserie at Bellagio has the cool chocolate fountain. It’s awesome seeing chocolate just drift down from high above. I had a luscious Italian ice cream cone for the first time here. I had strawberry and chocolate. It was so creamy. Now I see why it’s much better than the standard American ice cream. The chocolate was so smooth with bits of chocolate. I would love to go back here to try more flavors and combinations. It’s a bit dangerous though since it’s so delectable. They also sell crepes, sandwiches, chocolates, cookies and more.

Pinball Hall of Fame is about 3 miles from the Strip. I used to go to the Pinball Night when Tim used to host it at his house. It was this huge warehouse room filled with over hundreds of pinball machines from back in the 50’s to current ones. The admission was a donation went to a charity or for the Pinball Hall of Fame fund. It’s great to know that they did raise enough money to build this place. I’ve always wanted to go and now I regret not going sooner. It’s a fairly good sized room filled with over a hundred pinball machines and some arcade games. They have some really old ones from the 1950’s up to more recent games. My favorites were definitely the Family Guy and Lord of the Rings machines. Family Guy has a little mini Stewie pinball game. It’s so cute and small! I’m a big Lord of the Rings fan so I enjoyed it since it was so fun. I love when the pinball machine has lots of ramps and kewl bonus opportunities. It brings back memories playing old games that you used to play back in the 80’s.

Mandalay Bay Beach is bar none the best pool on the Strip. They’re very strict about getting into this mega pool area for good reason. It contains a wave pool, 5 pools (one being the topless Moorea Beach Club) and the fast lazy river. The recliner seats are actually located on sand. I actually went swimming in a bathing suit. Shocking! I hate swimsuits and think I look horrible in them. I wore my old bathing suit that’s way too loose for me. Since I lost weight, a lot of my clothes are really loose. I still haven’t bought everything I need. Anyway, we ate at Border Grill which is right by the pool. They have awesome salsa there. My favorite place is the lazy river. They have jets on the side of the river and on the bottom. So, it’s cool just zooming around the river and also going by the waterfall.

I’ve always wanted to check out Burger Bar at the Mandalay Bay in Mandalay Place. It’s a place where you can build your own burger with a huge list of toppings (like prosciutto, cranberry sauce or salsa) or try a chef’s burger like the Surf & Turf Burger. We had the fat fries which were very crunchy and yummy. They have like 24 draft beers on top. I think I read it’s the most beers on tap on the Strip. (Ok, don’t quote me on that one.. hehe) They have beer from different countries from the US to Belgium to Japan. I’m a bit picky with my beer since I don’t like the bitter aftertaste. I tend to like the pale beers. I had the Kronenbourg which is a French beer. It was a very smooth pale beer. I would like to try the beer that sounded very sweet, but the name eludes me. I had a great Angus Beef burger with swiss, bacon, lettuce, red onions and mayo. I was a bit peeved when we weren’t served mayo with our burgers. I asked two people for mayo and still didn’t get it. I had to ask the lady who served us to get it.

I’ve had tons of fun lately. I’m hoping to do a lot more things on the Strip like Love at the Mirage, Matsuri (a Japanese show) at the Sahara, Eiffel Tower at the Paris and the restaurant Olives at the Bellagio.


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