Berry Good

My friend Michelle always has a new drink for me. It’s a lovely sweet and fruity drink!

Nuts and Berries

1 part Raspberry liqueur
1 part Hazelnut liqueur

1 part Cream

Chill a martini glass. Add one part Frangelico and one part Chambord to a martini shaker with ice. Add one part milk or cream. Shake till frosty, pour into martini glass.

Check out Nuts and Berries on ExtraTasty!


2 thoughts on “Berry Good

  1. Mmmm.. If I ask for this at a bar, I hope the bartender knows what I’m talking about… I always get crappy bartenders who know how to make a martini and rum and coke. X)

  2. Print it out… or write it out.. and if they don’t know how to make it. Just show them and hopefully they’re kewl and they make it. It’s really good!!

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