The Reflex

I heard The Reflex by Duran Duran while I was driving home last night. I was a young girl when this song came out. My sister loved Duran Duran. Simon Le Bon was her favorite. He was pretty cute. I also really liked their music. Watch the video below if you don’t remember The Reflex video. It’s set during a Duran Duran concert. Near the end of the video, water is thrown into the audience. Of course, now I notice that it was fake digitally enhanced water. If you just want to see the water falling, go to the time 3:15.

My old best friend Brina and I decided to sing the song for her mom. We were singing The Reflex in Brina’s play room. At the same moment in the video where they throw water into the audience, one of us grabbed a bucket and threw it at her mom. Her mom was shocked that we’d throw something at her. She thought it was water but it actually turned out to be confetti that fell on top of her.

I had a great childhood. Brina and I were inseparable. Brina loved Boy George. Her mom was so kewl.. she made her Barbie an outfit just like Boy George’s.. with all the numbers on it!

Sometimes I enjoy driving alone. I can sing as loud as I want.. scream at the bad drivers and dance around in my seat. Of course, it would be nice to have somebody there to talk to but most of the time I am alone.


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