Star Hood Trek

Star Hood Trek Episode 1

Oh man.. my friend Josh stumbled upon this video. It’s so freaking funny!!! There’s 8 episodes in total.


4 thoughts on “Star Hood Trek

  1. HAhahhaahhahah!!!! I loved that!!! “I’m the Juggernaut, bitch!!!”
    I have to go look those up now. I love youtube by the way. I watch everything there.

  2. You HAVE to watch all 8. They’re freaking hilarious!! Youtube has some great stuff! Oprah had a show on Youtube. I know.. I watch Oprah at work hahaha…… she’s so annoying.. but sometimes she has kewl guests on there. I just want to see her show.. and hopefully, she’ll give the audience something that day hahaha. It would be nice to be Oprah rich.. or better yet Bill Gates rich.

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