Fun party

My friend Alisa had a birthday party last night. It started off at Firefly on Paradise. You can get a pitcher of Red or White Sangria. The Red Sangria is so addicting. The restaurant has tapas. It’s Spanish tapas which are small dishes that are reasonably priced. Wow, they have some delicious food here. The bread they bring out is good… little bits of breads that are toasted with some green herb on it. I got some Firefly fries (say that 3 times heh).. which was actually quite a big portion. I also decided to get Crispy Duck Rolls. Everybody ordered a few dishes and we shared everything. I also tried a babyback rib, shrimp tempura and a shrimp skewer. I was a little buzzed from all the Sangria.. but it did fade since we were at the restaurant for a little while.

Next, we headed to the Paris to go to the club Risque. It didn’t open until 10:30 pm so we decided to waste some time. It was three couples and me at this point… they headed to the Napoleon bar to hear the dueling pianos. I was craving some dessert and went to get a crepe. Alisa and I were waiting in line at the La Creperie. It’s always a long line.. but it’s worth the wait. The crepes there are huge… I got the Favorite which has blueberries, raspberries and strawberries. Alisa went with the Bananas Foster. They are really overpowerly sweet. I finished most of mine. Alisa thought it was WAY too sweet and ate only a little. We grabbed some free passes for Risque at La Creperie.

One of the couples decided to go home.. they looked really tired. We went to Risque to see if it was open or not. It still wasn’t.. but we decided to stand in line before it got too long. It wasn’t very busy at all. I think I went to this club when it was called something else. It seemed much smaller than I remembered. There’s a big dancefloor that you have to walk up to. Joy (Alisa’s friend) and her hubby bought us drinks. The girls each had a Lemon Drop shot. I’m so bad at shots sometimes.. I know you’re supposed to drink it in one shot.. but I can’t get it all down. It tasted good. The music was really crappy at first. I’m not into hip hop so I had NO idea what they were playing. I can dance to hip hop, but I prefer house and techno music. The music was getting better so we were dancing around. It was fun. I haven’t danced in my crazy 3 1/2 inch heels in awhile… so I almost fell a couple times hahaha.

Here’s me and Alisa at Firefly:


We did end up going to Spearmint Rhino. It’s one of the classier strip clubs in Las Vegas. I was quite bored though. I think at this point everybody was really tired. We finally got a table.. which is always better so you can relax, drink and if you want get a lap dance. I don’t think anybody got a lap dance at all. The dancing was pretty boring… not really any good strippers up there. I don’t understand how some of the girls wear leg warmers. They have these big ol’ heels and then the leg warmers are over most of the heel at the bottom. I don’t think those are sexy at all. We weren’t there that long. It was a great night.. lots of fun!


2 thoughts on “Fun party

  1. Mmm… Sangria! 🙂

  2. It was the best Sangria too…… oh yaaah!!

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