Ivan has been away for three weeks now. I knew he’d be in England for like 3 weeks or so.. but it seems that he’ll be away for 6 6 1/2 weeks. Ahhh, I’m going crazy here!!! I was thinking about how I’ve kept in touch.. and survived without him here.

Tips on surviving a long distance relationship:

1) Keep in touch by phone… Talk as much as possible!
If you both live in the US.. it’s pretty cheap to keep in touch since everybody seems to have cell phones these days. If it’s an international thing.. consider Skype. You can buy a number (local to where your boyfriend/girlfriend lives) and they call you for free and it reaches their computer when Skype is loaded. When you’re not at your computer, you can forward your calls to a cell phone or a land line. You do have to pay for the forwarded calls… which is very affordable. The minimum to buy is $10. This has definitely saved us money. Skype is amazing! It does get a bit weird sometimes when you’re chatting… like taking forever to deliver messages. It only happens every now and then.

2) Get a webcam….. or take lots of photos.
Webcam is awesome since you can see the person in real time. Photos are always good… it puts a smile on their face!

3) Talk via e-mail and IM.
I know these ways of communicating are not as personal as the phone.. but keeping in contact is essential. It’s great to get an e-mail from your loved one. I like sending e-cards.. it’s cute and usually free! You could always send a letter or card via snail mail.. but that usually takes too long. It’s good to know what’s going on in their life. I have Twitter.. and Ivan likes to read it cause he feels like he’s in Vegas since it shows him what I’ve been up to lately.

4) Make sure you let them know you love and miss them.
I know it’s a given, but you don’t want them to forget it. Your loved one will appreciate hearing it.

5) Make plans to see each other.
It’s always cool to know that you’ll be able to see them in the future. I can’t wait until Ivan gets back to Las Vegas… but, of course it’s not soon enough!!


4 thoughts on “Surviving

  1. I have a long distance relationship myself and believe me, it’s really hard to overcome all the dissasters that come my way, since i am in an environment where i meet new people and of course new girs each day and sometimes it’s becoming too hard to resist…Still i’m trying and i hope i’ll survive! Thanks for the tips!

  2. Hey The Fact! I didn’t even think about temptation. For me.. I don’t get tempted. I just think about him all the time! But, just let them know you’re taken.. and hopefully, you can resist! It’s so hard doing a long distance relationship. I wish you luck!!

  3. Good advice, Jen! I’m going to date my next boss. Forget this dating guys with no jobs, thing.

  4. El Basterdo: hahaha.. not sure if dating the boss is wise.. but I’m sure it would have it’s benefits… 😉 Yes, you need to find a quality man.

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