Still alive

I’m alive.. more or less. I’ve been sick lately. I sang karaoke two nights in a row (badly I think) and drank on the weekend before Halloween. I had lots of fun.. but, I got a cold. I’m still not back to normal.. but I’m getting there. I still have to occasionally have a lozenge. My voice today seemed lower than usual.

I love seeing my nieces and nephews. I have three nieces and two nephews. I get to see my nieces every Wednesday. Today was a treat because I got to see all of them. They went to Chuck E. Cheese earlier in the day. It’s so cute.. my nephew Lukey said Auntie Jen what are you doing? He’s just so cute when he speaks. I think he’s a mini version of my brother in a way hehehe. I enjoy playing with my nieces and nephews. I act like a kid still. I know I’m definitely a fun aunt. We love to pretend like we’re sailing on a pirate ship (to find buried treasure), flying in a space ship to the moon (to collect moon rocks, of course!) or driving a race car. It’s crazy playing Hide n’ Seek with them though. If I play with either the girls or the boys… they seem to hide in the same spot over and over. I told them it’s not challenging if they don’t find a new spot to hide each time.

I can’t believe the holidays are coming up already. I haven’t even begun Christmas shopping. Actually, I should correct myself… I haven’t even thought about what to get my family and friends. I need to start thinking about it soon. I’ll have to ask the kids what they want. I dislike shopping when it’s crowded in the malls.


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