I love fruity drinks. I had some Sangria at Alisa’s birthday party. It’s so addicting and delicious!

Berry Sangria

4 parts White rum
3 parts White wine
1 part Red wine

1 part Cranberry juice


First, soak the strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries in rum for at least 3 hours – although I cover them in a bowl and soak overnight.

Once the fruit is ready, mix the white rum, white wine, red wine and cranberry juice in a pitcher. Play with the proportions to suit your taste. Liberal sampling is recommended. In fact invite a neighbor or two over to sample a glass just to be sure. Then – Add the fruit.

Ladle into large goblets and serve chilled – preferably with an afternoon barbecue.

Variation – I have also tried to mix in a bit of Sprite or 7-up, although it makes it a bit too “fizzy” for my tastes.

Check out Berry Sangria on ExtraTasty!


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