Last Weekend

I’ve been trying to write this post all week. I’ve just been so busy and tired all week. We just got internet and cable yesterday so I haven’t been on the internet much. Here’s what I did this past weekend.

Lotus of Siam is a Thai restaurant about 10 minutes off the strip on Sahara Avenue. I’ve heard rave reviews about this restaurant. Guests have said that they read a review about this great restaurant in Gourmet magazine. I saw Lotus of Siam on Food Network. We’ve been meaning to go.. but never got the chance. We finally went on Friday night. It was quite busy in the restaurant. We did get a table in the back of the restaurant. The decor is quite plain. We also noticed that it was quite cold. Ivan did ask the waiter about this and he commented that since they serve spicy food it’s better to have it cold. I thought that made sense. Anyway, Ivan picked salad for an appetizer for us to share. He ordered a 7. The scale ranges from 1 to 10 with 10 being the hottest. The salad was good.. but it was sooo hot. Ivan likes spicy food but couldn’t even take it. We were dying drinking all our water. We called the server over and Ivan told him it was way too hot. We wanted the salad to be a 3. The waiter brought some Thai iced tea. This really seemed to help calm the pain our tongues were feeling. We got the salad back but it was still hot. I know they put chiles in the sauce so it’s pretty hot. I got the TOM YUM KAI soup. It was a great spicy soup with chicken, lemon grass and mushrooms. For the main course, I had MEE KROB RAD NA. It’s crispy noodles with chicken, mushrooms, vegetables and gravy. It was great. I love crispy noodles for the texture. Everything tasted great together. I actually finished all my food. That’s rare for me since I usually get full before finishing everything. This is a wonderful restaurant. The food is delicious and the prices are very reasonable. I know we’ll be coming back!

There’s a racquetball court in the condo. Ivan and I went to go play. We both had never played before. Ivan read the rules online. We played on Saturday afternoon. I didn’t think it had so many rules. I think we were playing an easier way the first two games. We were letting the ball bounce twice before hitting it. I believe the correct way is only one bounce. The third game we played the right way. I was so tired running around so much. I didn’t want to play a fourth game but Ivan insisted. It’s a lot of fun playing. I was sore on Sunday and Monday. Good fun exercise!

We went to go ride the Dune Buggies again. This was my second time while it was Ivan’s third time riding the buggies. We went through Sun Buggy Fun Rentals again. The first time I had so much fun. Ivan drove and it was so exciting going so fast. I love being so high and going down fast.. it’s scary not knowing how steep it is.. but exciting at the same time. This time the guy who was leading us was on a Rhino (which looks like a golf cart). It’s a lot slower than the dune buggies. Ivan kept saying let’s go faster. The rest of the group were from a bachelor party who had never been on the dune buggies before. So, they were going slow and trying to learn how to maneuver the cars. It was crazy because when you’re going so fast.. it gets so bumpy. This in turn hurts my butt. We had a bunch of problems.. people kept getting stuck in the sand. We had stopped for a break and saw a beautiful view of the strip even though it’s so far away. I turned around and most of the guys were peeing. I was thinking Oh come on… can’t they warn a girl? HAHA. Some guys don’t have any shame. At one point, our car was stuck and the leader was helping us get it out. Ivan was putting his hand on the accelerator. The car started going by itself. Ivan was chasing it for a little while. It was so funny. It finally stopped when it ran into some sand. I had fun but it was definitely more exciting the first time.

Dune Buggies

Here’s me and Ivan riding the dune buggies the first time in September 2007.


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