Just a bit evil

Circus Circus sign, originally uploaded by Stimpdawg.

I can see this from the condo… way up high on the 23rd floor. The more I stare at this clown, the more I think he’s evil. I think just a little… look at his eyes.


6 thoughts on “Just a bit evil

  1. Just a little bit evil, yes. 8)

    Great shot, Jen. I love the view you have from your condo!

  2. Ha Ha its very scary maybe it can eat all the kids in the hotel 😉

  3. Thanks Roscoe!! The view is awesome. I’m such a lucky girl.

  4. vegasuncovered: hahahha… that would be hilarious! It’s trying to lure you in so you can spend all your money!!

  5. I love Circus Circus! It’s so pink and campy and a little dirty. It’s like home.

  6. Basterdo: Hehehe… it is still dirty… so old!

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