The Week Recap

It seems like I’m always doing something all week. I am always busy hanging out with Ivan and my friends. Here’s some updates of the last week.

I love singing Karaoke with Michelle and Clark. We go to Kelley’s Pub on Tropicana and Pecos. I know I’ve previously talked about this place in a blog post awhile ago. This place is great since we know the hostess Lesley. She will put our name near the beginning of the list if we came in late.. so then we sing a lot faster. When I was a little girl, I seriously loved to sing. I wanted to be a singer or an actress. We had the karaoke tape machine and I would sing all the time. Of course, I never became a singer.. but I still like to sing every now and then. I’d rather sing in front of people than read a speech. I went to Michelle’s karaoke party on December 7th. It’s always a great time when I hang out with Michelle, Clark and her friends. They really know how to have a good time. I like to sing there.. it has a stage and this HUGE list of songs. I would rather sing in front of a crowd than speak in front of one. I just get nervous about saying words correctly. I sing good sometimes at karaoke.. but usually it’s not the greatest since I’ve usually had some drinks in me. I decided to sing three songs for the night. I sang Aenima by Tool. This is a crazy song with lots of cursing. It was good to say bad words on stage since I’ve never done that before. My second song I did Simple Kind of Life by No Doubt. I don’t think I hit the high notes too good on this. My last song was Bizarre Love Triangle by New Order. I did the best on this song, probably since it’s an easy song and I was about sober when I was singing it. Ivan didn’t get to come see me sing since he had his hypnosis class the next day. He requested that I have Michelle or Clark tape me singing (he’s never seen me sing karaoke before). If you really want to see me singing on video.. leave me a comment.

Ivan and I went to the Spice Girls concert on Tuesday, December 11th. I didn’t think I would enjoy the show at all. I’ve only heard about four of their songs. I wasn’t the biggest fan when they were popular, but their music was catchy and fun. We got there early to get something to eat. Ivan decided on Trattoria del Lupo (everybody just calls is Lupo) which is a Wolfgang Puck restaurant. Wolfgang definitely makes the best pizza in town. The pizzas are reasonably priced and they’re always quite tasty. We started off with the appetizer Roasted Pepper & White Anchovies. I don’t really enjoy anchovies. I did enjoy the bread and roasted peppers together. For the main course, Ivan had the Artichoke & Eggplant Pizza while I went with the Meatball & Porcini pizza. Ivan said it was better the first time we went. I agreed, since I had the simple Margherita pizza…but, I thought my pizza tasted great with the veal meatballs, sweet onions and mushrooms. Aftewards, we went to the concert. The concert was in the huge Mandalay Bay Events Center. Our seats were on the floor right by the stage. We were allowed to stand right by the railing which is on the side of the stage. Your tickets had to be 1-4 to be able to stand in this area. The tickets said the show would start at 8 pm. The security guards said that they wouldn’t start between 9 to 9:15 pm. Of course, artists love to make their fans wait.. building up the anticipation and the energy of the crowd. The Spice Girls didn’t come on until 9:15 pm. The sound quality wasn’t the greatest. sometimes you couldn’t hear one of the girls singing very well. They really put on a high energy show. I was actually dancing to the music. They had great stage decorations that match the songs theme. My favorite was when it looked like they were changing behind these heart doors. The thing I enjoyed the most was how the girls would have outfits with matching colors, but they were all different to suit their personalities. Even if you’re not a fan.. you should check out the Spice Girls. They are wonderful singers and really know how to entertain a big crowd.

Love logo

Ivan and I went to see Love for the third time on Dec. 12th. We were in a rush and had to eat before the show. I wanted to try Onda since we had never been there before. Ivan started off with the Leek Soup. I had a spoonful to try it. It was okay.. I don’t think I’ve had leek before. I had the Rigatoni Bolognese. It had a big chunk of ricotta on that. So, I spread it around my dish. It made the dish so creamy. What a delicious meal. Ivan went with the Four Cheese Eggplant Rollatini. He thought it was good, but not wonderful. Love is a Cirque du Soleil show with the songs of The Beatles. I’ve been a Beatles fan since I was little. I will always remember listening to numerous songs on roadtrips to California with my family in our brown station wagon. My mom is a huge Beatles fan. Anyway, Love is an amazing show. I believe it’s the best show in Las Vegas. We saw the dress rehearsal. The show had been on vacation for two weeks and this was their first show back. The tickets were being sold for family and employees of MGM Mirage for a cheaper price. It was great since it was a benefit show with ticket sales going to the MGM Mirage VOICE Foundation. We were seated in the front row. This is not the best seat since it’s better to be seated up a little further at a Cirque show. They always have people or things flying high up in the air. I think for Love the best seat would be about 10 rows up. At one point, a guy offered me tea from the stage. Then, later on a guy in a uniform tipped his hat off to me.. and then I think he was trying to Ivan to spit out his gum. The beginning of the show is amazing. That part alone is wonderful. But, then it just goes right into the different songs. The sets are amazing. All the songs have a great theme on stage that represent the mood and lyrics of the song. For the Benefit of Mr. Kite, there’s a massive circus scene. There’s a guy at the top on a platform that twirls all the way around. On the side, there’s a person in a big jack-in-the-box and a guy with a hammer keeps hitting him into the air.I have a few favorite scenes. The first one is Get Back! There’s three ramps and four guys dressed in black and white striped shirts are zooming around on roller skates. It’s amazing seeing them do crazy flips in the air. My next favorite scene is Something. It has a muscular guy (with no shirt on!) in the middle writhing around stage doing graceful moves. There’s four women on wires. They fly around the guy and tease him. The women are beautiful and do flips in the air and move around. The guy keeps trying to catch the women but he always seems to be almost touch them but not quite. It’s the most gorgeous part of the show. It really makes me want to cry. I also love when they do Revolution. There’s a bunch of hippies on stage with police men trying to get them. It has a big red phone booth in the middle. There’s trampolines around the phone booth.. and then four nets around the trampolines. The guys are jumping on the trampolines onto the nets and onto the phone booth. There’s another cool scene where they pull this huge sheet over the crowd. We saw this twice under the sheet and the first time where we could see the outside of the scene. Under the sheet, you see a yellow submarine that’s projected onto the sheet. You’re not supposed to pull on the sheet or you may hurt the Cirque performers. The sheet billows around making it look like a sand that is floating up and down. There’s a bed filled with a few kids and adults that looks like it’s floating in the middle of the sheet. It’s quite an amazing scene. I love seeing this show because it has so many different things going on and the music is just gorgeous. I could see this show a million times and never get bored. This show is a must see if you’re ever in Las Vegas.

Ivan wanted to catch Celine Dion before her last show in Las Vegas. We went to her second to last show on December 14th. I thought the show was going to start since there was an announcement in the bathroom stating that the show was about to begin. Ivan and I went to go sit. Our seats were in the first mezzanine. It’s a big theater with the biggest stage I’ve ever seen. There’s the biggest LCD screen on stage as well. The show still hadn’t started and I didn’t know why. We heard screaming and clapping on the main floor. We stood up to see who was in the crowd. It turned out to be Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Tom likes to ham it up and was waving to all sides of the theater. At the beginning there’s a cameraman who zooms into people in the crowd. It’s very funny because he makes fun of people. There was a guy sleeping who didn’t know he was being shown on the big screen. He got really scared when he finally woke up. He would make fun of people who were on their cell phone since you’re supposed to turn off your phone during the performance. It was great when couples kept kissing each other. There was this one couple who refused to kiss. But, finally the guy forced one on his wife. Celine was very emotional during the show. She said that she delayed the show because she wanted to elongate the night. She looked like she was going to cry. Celine said that being there for five years, the whole cast had become a family. I was never a big fan of Celine, but always thought she had an amazing voice. She really knows how to sing. I had forgotten all the great songs that she has released over the years. The show was directed by Franco Dragone. There was a lot going on besides Celine singing. There were dancers or strange things flying around like four lamp posts with a guy holding onto one while hanging horizontally on it. I thought it was great how they used the big LCD screen.. where the background was a huge part of each scene. There was also curtains that sometimes had graphics that were displayed on the curtains. My favorite part was the Titanic song My Heart Will Go On. On the screen, you see the moon and the sky filled with stars. Then there’s curtains around the stage. There’s graphics of elaborate image that reminded me of the Titanic movie. This was a great show. It had some wonderful songs, dancing and great artistic stage decorations.


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