More Updates..

Ivan and I went to my parent’s house for Christmas Eve dinner. My whole family was there… which includes my parents, my sister, her husband and their two daughters, my brother, his wife and their three kids (one little baby girl and two boys). I always love going to my parent’s house. It’s just a nice big house.. and of course the smells of my mom’s cooking is always amazing. It just makes me think of good times. We had a variety of food for dinner. There was rice of course, ham, pancit (noodles with vegetables and shrimp), shrimp tempura (one of my mom’s signature dishes), and fish. We brought Pumpkin Pie from Marie Callendar’s. My sister and brother-in-law brought Chocolate Satin and Banana Cream. I had a slice of pumpkin pie and Chocolate Satin. The Chocolate Satin was so good. We all opened presents. My parents opened all their presents. I thought we might open presents, so I brought one of Ivan’s gifts so he wouldn’t feel left out. My mom had a present for Ivan as well.. which was really sweet. He got different little bottles of Calvin Klein colognes. After we went to watch a movie that Ivan brought. It was The Snowman. This was a cartoon show that he watched with his family every Christmas Eve in England. It’s about a snowman that comes alive and plays with a boy. It doesn’t have any words. The show has beautiful music. Watch it below —

Raymond Brigg’s The Snowman

Christmas morning, Ivan and I opened presents. Then we went to the Four Seasons. They had a big Christmas themed gingerbread display. We went to go have tea. Ivan had English Breakfast and I had Green Tea. I thought the English Breakfast was too strong. The restaurant also gives you cookies which were quite delicious. I had never had tea in a restaurant like that. We went home after that and played pool in the Billiards room at the condo. Ivan beat me. I was getting some lucky shots.. but overall I wasn’t playing so good.

Ivan loves to check out hypnosis shows in town. It allows him to see other hypnotists at work and to learn new things. We saw Dirty Hypnosis with Richard Nongard at Harmon Theatre on December 26th. Richard is a clinical hypnotist. The show was good, but I’ve seen funnier hypnosis shows. I think trying to display hypnosis and be funny at the same time is a talent. I haven’t mentioned previously about being hypnotized. Ivan took a class and has been practicing anybody who’s willing to try it. So, I’ve been hypnotized probably a dozen times. So, it’s hard to watch people getting hypnotized. It makes me sleepy and want to go under. I have been on stage at two hypnosis shows. Now, I’m shy to get on stage. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m shy to do crazy things on stage… or I’m so used to being hypnotized by Ivan usually in our condo. On Thurdsday, we saw the Hip-Nosis show with Justin Tranz. Justin is a very funny guy and energetic. He seems to put people under hypnosis rather fast. His show is very funny. We went to Dirty Hypnosis on Friday. This time it was Richard Nongard and John Cerbone. John Cerbone is a fast talking guy from New York. He does speed inductions. He can put somebody into hypnosis super fast. It was rather impressive seeing John put people under in a matter of seconds. Their show was alright.. I don’t think they let the funny bits go on long enough. Also, I like seeing when they focus on one individual. I enjoy seeing hypnosis because you never know what people will do. It’s very entertaining.

We went to the Hash House a Go Go on December 27th. I saw this restaurant on the Martha Stewart show. It’s been highly rated. I had the hardwood smoked bacon, avocado, onion & swiss Farm Scramble. My dish was a huge portion. I thought it was good. It wasn’t exceptional, but the food was decent.

Ivan and I went to check out Sky Mania on December 29. We jumped around for an hour. I didn’t know that jumping around would be so tiring. I had to rest since my throat would hurt. There were a few guys who would do somersaults and a high jump into this ring. They were quite good. Ivan wanted me to try a somersault in the air. I was a little scared to do it. I finally got the nerve to try it. I could do the somersault in the air. But, unfortunately I couldn’t land on my feet. I kept trying it and almost could land on my feet. It was a lot of fun.. and good exercise as well!

We went to go eat dinner at Himalayan Cuisine that night. The restaurant offers Himalayan food with dishes from Nepal, India and Tibet. We started off with Shrimp Pakodas and Momos. I really liked the shrimp pakodas. I had the Chicken Chau Chau. The dish was spicy pan-fried noodles with chicken and vegetables. It was a great meal. The decor is pretty basic. This is a good restaurant with reasonable prices and delightful food.


2 thoughts on “More Updates..

  1. That sounds like a fun time! I think I used to watch that Snowman movie when I was little too. It looks really familiar. I’m too lazy to watch the whole thing. I think I remember having your mom’s pancit a while ago, when I went to Xmas eve at your house. When we were young, lol… 😛

  2. It was great! One of the songs.. I think the last one.. seemed really familiar to me.. beautiful song. I love my mom’s pancit… it’s best when it’s the medium noodles though.. yum!! When we were young hahahahaha….. like we’re sooo old!

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