I’m just a bit behind. So, here is the last two weeks’ events. Enjoy!

Ivan and I went to Satay again on January 7th. We got the same appetizers as usual, the Chicken Satay and Rotai Canai. I can’t get enough of that Rotai Canai! Ivan thinks Satay has the best Chicken Satay. Ivan had Mee Goreng. I had the Penang Asam Laksa for the main course. It was a spicy soup with noodles. I’ve never had soup for a meal. It was pretty good. After dinner, we went to go watch the movie Juno. It’s about a teenager named Juno who gets pregnant. She decides to give the baby up for adoption. She finds a loving couple who will adopt her baby. There’s a few things that happen as the story progresses. There’s a bunch of funny moments.. but at times it was rather slow. Ellen Page who plays Juno is the star of the movie. She plays Juno as a strong teenage girl. She becomes friends with Mark, the husband who will be adopting her baby. It shows her relationship with her boyfriend Paulie, played by Michael Cera. It’s a strange story that shows that life sometimes has it’s surprises. It was an interesting, different story that was a little funny.

Ivan and I went to Hawaiian Tropic Zone at Miracle Mile Shops on December 10. It was for an open bar event. There were tasty appetizers going around. They have a dancing area above the bar where the girls dance. At the beginning, the drinks were good. We were really hungry so we decided to eat in the restaurant. We waited 20 minutes and nobody even acknowledged us. Ivan was fed up and went to tell the waitress. A manager came over and said she would find out who our server is. She took our order for the appetizers, which we got the Chicken Lollipops. Finally, our server came over and took our order. The food wasn’t anything spectacular. I guess the only good part was that the meal was free. We went back to the bar after dinner to get a drink. At the end the drinks were so strong, to me it was undrinkable.
Our next stop was The Fashionistas show at The Harmon Theater in the Planet Hollywood. It’s a story about a young woman named Jesse who gets involved in a love triangle with her boss Helena and fashion designer Antonio. Thank goodness the show tells you the basic plot at the beginning. The story is told through dance and music. The soundtrack has some good songs from Tool, Evanescence, Lords of Acid, Led Zeppelin and Madonna. Both of us were lost throughout most of this show. They do add some different elements to the show. Jesse makes a DVD and puts Easter Eggs in it so Antonio can enjoy it. He comes across one that has different fetishes like Boobs or Feet. The choreography was really weak. The outfits were very strange. I’m so glad that this show was free. This show just leaves you confused. It’s definitely the worst show I’ve seen in Las Vegas.
Later in the evening, Ivan and I went to Ivan Kane’s Forty Deuce located in Mandalay Bay. This is a bar that has burlesque dancing. The first song was The Wall. It starts off with helicopter noises. The four ladies came done in a rope from a hole the ceiling. The ladies dance around to the music. They really know how to dance. It was cool when they grabbed onto the pearl curtain behind the stage and hung on.. and they were also hanging from the pipes near the ceiling. I was just amazed at the choreography. It was so much better than the dancing at The Fashionistas show. This was a great show. It’s a definite must-see if you’re ever in Las Vegas.

We went to check out CatHouse at the Luxor on January 11th. It’s a new restaurant and nightclub that recently opened up. The decor was inspired by a European bordello. When you come in, you walk down a curved flight of stairs. You’ll notice numerous erotic photographs on the walls. They have a separate room for dancing. We had a lot of fun dancing for a little while. We went to the restaurant since we had a reservation. We were seated in a booth.. which has nice seats and it’s kind of private. It has curtains on the sides and a cool chandelier. It’s a great cozy spot. We were also seated by the mirror that turns on occasionally. A lady will be behind the mirror… we can see in but she can’t see out. She slowly gets ready trying to pick a hot lingerie outfit.. and she always puts on her makeup. For appetizers, we got the fondue. I’ve never had fondue before. It was a creamy dipping sauce. The dish came with four different things to dip. My favorites were the apples and the walnut bread which has chocolate in it.. wow, it was addicting! I had the linguine with mushrooms and pancetta.. it was very tasty but a bit salty. For dessert, we decided to try the the red velvet cake. It came in two little slices. There was peanut brittle around the cakes. Oh my goodness, the velvet cake is heavenly. It’s not too sweet and goes perfectly with the honeycomb.

Ivan and I went to go watch The Ronn Lucas Show at the Luxor on January 13th. Ronn is a ventriloquist. He has a few different characters including a teenage dragon named Scorch, Buffalo Billy and a punk named Chuck. I really liked Billy. He’s just so funny. Ronn is great at not moving his lips. He can even throw his voice over a feet away. There’s a funny bit he does where he puts a mask over the mouth of somebody from the audience. He then makes the mouth move and makes them say funny things. This show a funny afternoon show that’s reasonably priced.

We ate in the Cafe area on January 14th at Postrio located in the St. Marks Square at the Venetian. I had the House Made Pepperoni pizza. It was really good. It had pepperoni, tomatoes, basil and thin slices of parmesan cheese on top. The pepperonis were sliced very thin and were crunchy. I love Wolfgang Puck’s pizza. They’re just delicious! It’s a great quality pizza when the whole pizza is good including the crust.

Ivan and I went to Tamba open bar event with two Australian couchsurfers and their friends on January 16th. The drinks that were being served were pretty tasty. The event had some nice dance music playing. Unfortunately, there was no appetizers going around so we wanted to order some food. I told the server that I wanted the Karahi Chicken Curry. He recommended that I get the Chicken Tikka Masala Curry instead. I also ordered the garlic naan bread. Ivan had the Chicken Dhan Saag Curry dish. The Australian girls ordered the Chicken Pakora. It’s white meat chicken fried in a batter. It was good. I’m so glad I changed my order. I think I thanked our server twice for telling me about the dish. It was simply delicious. It had a perfect mixture of flavors. The curry was great in rice and also as a dipping sauce. We kept dipping the naan bread into the sauce. I really can’t wait to go back to eat the Chicken Tikka Masala Curry again.

I invited some friends over to play board games on January 18th. Ivan, Michelle and I went to Wal-Mart to go buy some games. I bought Cranium Wow and Uno. Karen came over to play. We cooked up some mozzarella sticks, beef & cheese taquitos and chicken fries. We played Cranium Wow. It’s so much fun! It has a variety of things you do like guessing definitions of words, sculpting an object, charades and drawing with your eyes closed. Michelle and Karen teamed up against Ivan and me. Michelle and Karen were pretty good and won. Later, we had three teams when Michael and his friends Eric and Dallas joined us. Unfortunately, Ivan and I came dead last in the second game. I’m not much of a artist. I should practice hehe. After playing Cranium Wow, Ivan wanted to hypnotize Karen. It seemed like she was going under pretty well. I think what took her out of it was a sound from the laptop. It’s really hard for me to watch since Ivan has hypnotized me numerous times. I get so tired and I just want to close my eyes and go under. I was trying to just listen and not watch but that didn’t work. Ivan was trying to make Karen go deeper into hypnosis. I know he noticed that I kept closing my eyes. So, he hypnotized me and Michelle as well. Ivan’s really quite good at hypnotizing people. He made us dance around to win the disco championship. At one point, I was a crying baby and my two babysitters were trying to make me stop crying. Ivan made us think that we were stuck to each other by super glue. Ivan made us think that every time he said CUT, we would get a cut on our face. Of course, Ivan was prepared with a stack of band-aids. I know we looked rather crazy with so many band-aids on our faces. Ivan also made us speak Martian. Michelle and I were having a great conversation in Martian. Ivan tried out past life on Karen. He asked her who she was. She stated that she was a housewife in the 1800’s from London. She was speaking in a British accent. She didn’t have a clue to where she was. Ivan showed her a cellular phone and she had no clue what it was. I asked her how she got around London. She said that she goes by horse and carriage. Ivan asked her what food she cooked. She said meats or vegetables. He said do you cook it in a microwave. She said what’s that. I asked her what she wore. She said dresses. She looked down at the clothes she was wearing and didn’t understand why she was wearing them. At the end, Ivan put in Karen’s head that she would think the Valet guy or girl would be a long lost friend. We proceeded down to the lobby to retrieve the girls’ cars. Karen swore that she recognized the Valet guy. She didn’t know how she knew him but she did. He was dumbfounded. He said that he was from back East. She said you moved and then you came back. Ivan finally told the poor Valet guy that she was just hypnotized. He didn’t seem to believe it though. Ivan told Karen that her body would be hard as steel. He moved her body letting her fall. Sure enough, she was flat as a board as she fell backwards. The Valet guy still wasn’t convinced. Ivan then told her that she worked at Valet and that the Valet guy was the imposter and had stolen her clothes. She went to confront him and said why are you wearing my clothes. Ivan also made Karen’s feet stick to the ground. She couldn’t move her feet at all. She kept trying as hard as she could. She fell over on her butt.. but her feet were still firmly planted on the ground. I think the Valet guy believed it at this point. I’m definitely a firm believer that hypnosis works.


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