Being Hypnotized

I’ve been hypnotized twice on two Las Vegas shows. The most memorable was at the now defunct show Mesmerized. On stage, I was dancing like I was in Lord of the Dance, taking pictures of male models and dancing around a stripper pole. Ivan was very interested in learning hypnosis. He found out about the International Institute of Hypnosis. One of the instructors is Marc Savard from the Mesmerized show. He took the 101 class in December. Of course, I wanted to help him out so I let him hypnotize me. I’ve been hypnotized many times now. A few different things I did were offering to go on a date with a cop to get out of a ticket, forgetting who my parents were, talking to President Bush, falling in love with some strangers at a couchsurfing meeting, seeing my favorite singer Morrissey and thinking that somebody stole my belly button. At the end, Ivan can leave things in your head like a trigger word. One time he told me every time I heard him say the word chicken, I would say I’m a chicken and I like to lay eggs.. along with the chicken movements with my arms. This lasted for three days. It was rather hilarious to my friends especially since Ivan would stop by my work. He also leaves suggestions which can be helpful. The one that has worked for me is regarding the stomach problems I have. I have stomach problems that really hurt my stomach that I take medicine for. He told me that I would feel the pain still, but it wouldn’t affect me as much and would be a minor annoyance. Every since then it’s only been a dull pain. I try to help out Ivan as much as possible. I try to find willing subjects for him to hypnotize. I’ve had four friends get hypnotized. I know more of my friends want to try, but they still haven’t made it over yet.

I know a lot of people are skeptical about hypnosis. It’s nothing scary. It’s very relaxing. You won’t be a walking zombie. Keep in mind that the hypnotist can’t make you do anything you don’t want to do. If you are thinking about going under, just keep an open mind and let yourself relax. It’s always been a good experience for me. If hypnosis isn’t for you… just check out a hypnosis show. It will be entertaining, fun and interesting.


One thought on “Being Hypnotized

  1. Wish I had the talent to write such posts.

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