Past events

I’m behind on events again. Here’s updates on the last two weeks.

Ivan and I went on January 22nd on the Vegas Mob Tour. It’s a bus tour from the Greek Isles Hotel. The tour guide is dressed like a gangster in a pinstriped suit. At the beginning, we watched a short film and then we were off on the tour. The tour took us around Las Vegas and shows where murders and different activities have happened.We learned a lot of information about Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel, Tony Spilotro and Frank Rosenthal. The tour guide is very friendly and loves telling stories about the mob. This was a great enjoyable tour.

We went to see V The Ultimate Variety Show at the Miracle Mile Shops on January 23rd. There’s a variety of acts at V. Wally Eastwood is a fast juggler. He’s really good. I love when he juggles and plays the piano. The next act was The Crazy Gouchos who are the fastest balls in the West. They spin around balls that are attached to strings. They’re also very funny as well. Doug de Forest plays the drums loudly during the show. Aerial Expressions are acrobatic artists. But, there was something wrong so we only saw a few minutes of their act. Jason Byrne is a magician who makes birds appear out of thin air. I’m not sure how they just appear out of nowhere. Joe Trammel is known as The TV Guy. He impersonates a variety of celebrities and singers with some inventive props. This is a great show with something for everybody.
We both wanted to check out the new restaurant Koi at the Planet Hollywood. The restaurant has some unique decor. We started off with “Creamy” Rock Shrimp and a spicy tuna roll. It was alright. I had the Grilled Tiger Prawns for my main course. It was a small dish which came with mushrooms and five shrimps on top. The sad part was our appetizer was bigger than my main dish. It was good, but it was the smallest main course I’ve ever had in a restaurant. Ivan had the Miso Bronzed Black Cod. He said it was tender and tasty, but it was rather small. It was a restaurant with expensive average food.

Ivan and I went to the opening night of the show Toxic Audio at Planet Hollywood on January 26th. This is a group of 5 people where they sing a cappella and make all the sounds to make songs. The group contains two ladies and three guys. They create great harmonies along with all the drums and bass. It’s amazing how talented they are. It’s a show you must go experience! I loved when they did Mahna Mahna. I thoroughly enjoyed this show. It was so entertaining and funny.

Ivan in front of the dune buggy

We planned to go ride dune buggies with Sun Buggy Fun Rentals on January 27th. It was raining in the morning. So, I wasn’t sure if it was still on. There was some confusion that it was canceled. But, it was actually canceled in their location in California. We went out to the Nellis location out by the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Usually, there’s more guys than girls. It was actually four other couples. We thought riding in the packed sand would be faster. But, it was a little slower than normal. It was still a lot of fun. I love going fast and speeding down the high dunes. It’s a little scary and usually makes me a big nauseous. I still enjoy every second of it!
That night we went to see La Reve at Wynn. We went with our roommate Michael and two German couchsurfers. This show is amazing. It’s about a series of dreams. This is mostly performed in the round pool of water in the middle of the theater. It has acrobatics and cool synchronized swimming. We were seated in the front row so it was great seeing everything up close. It’s a show that has lots of interesting and weird things going on. I would recommend this show if you want a unique show.

We went to watch KA at MGM Grand on January 28th. The theater is pretty big. On the sides, there’s three levels where cast members run around, spin and jump off to the next level. This Cirque du Soleil show actually has a plot unlike the other shows in town. It’s about two Imperial twins (a boy and a girl) and their adventures. The boy twin is captured by the enemy. The show has acrobatics, martial arts, and pryotechnics. They do have an expressive rotating stage where they fight and climb up the platform. I wasn’t impressed with this show. I was a bit confused on the storyline. It really wasn’t that interesting to me. I don’t think they should have tried to tell a story. It’s my least favorite out of all the Cirque du Soleil shows I’ve seen in Las Vegas.

Ivan and I went to see Variety Live! Direct from the London Palladium at the Suncoast on January 31st. We were both excited to see this since it would feature a variety of acts. We were seated at a great location, front row a little off center. It started off with Dan Dunn’s Paintjam. He is a guy who creates art live. It’s crazy because it doesn’t look like anything when he’s creating it. But, then near the end.. you see who he’s painting. He did Ray Charles and Elvis Presley. Next, we saw magician and comedian Jeff Hobson. We’ve seen him before at Little Legends. He is very funny. I like when he does the egg trick that some how disappears from a bag and then reappears later. He even makes an audience member make the egg appear from the bag. Then, there was Wolfgang who does some tricks on a spinning wheel. Another act was Kris Kremo who’s a juggler. He juggles balls, hats, and boxes. The act we both wanted to see was ventriloquist Paul Zerdin who’s from England. He had Sam who’s very cute and funny. He even had Sam move by himself at the end singing a song. I wanted to see more of Paul Zerdin since he’s so good. The last act was Soul Mystique – Australian quick costume changers. Wow, they were amazing! I don’t know how they change those costumes so fast. This was exciting to see up close.. but I’m still baffled at how they do this. It was an awesome show. I wish they had more shows like this coming to Vegas.
We only had a small snack before the Variety show. So, we were still hungry after the show. I had noticed The Melting Pot when we were driving to the Suncoast. I heard a lot of good things about The Melting Pot. They serve fondue with different foods and also desserts. We weren’t sure if they were open or not. We went there at around 9:30 pm. The restaurant closes at 10 pm. Ivan asked the hostess if we could still be seated. She said it was available only for desserts. Ivan said no that we’d like to eat some cheese fondue. She said she’d ask if it was still possible. We were seated after the hostess came back. We ordered the Traditional Swiss Cheese Fondue. It came with a vegetable cup which contains carrots, celery and cauliflower, a bread bowl with rye, french and pumpernickel and apple slices. It was delicious. We had an awesome server. I don’t remember his name. But, he was very friendly and cool. Ivan had a lot of fun since he hypnotized me right there in the restaurant. I thought our waiter was Morrissey, George W. Bush and Homer Simpson. The funniest part was when I thought our waiter and the bartender were Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. We had a great a Dark Chocolate Fondue for dessert. It came with strawberries, cheesecake, Rice Krispies, bananas, marshmallows, brownies and pound cake. Wow, that was heavenly! It gave me a sugar rush right to my head. I enjoyed my experience at Melting Pot. It’s a restaurant with great food, but a little pricey.

Ivan and I went to Todai Sushi & Seafood Buffet at Miracle Mile Shops on February 1st. We love this place. They offer great fresh sushi and sashimi. The buffet also has crab legs, tempura shrimp, crab puffs, chicken teriyaki, fried rice and more. They also have a dessert area with little small cakes and cookies. You can also get a crepe made for you with your choice of toppings. This is a great restaurant to have tons of great sushi.


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