Weird curry

I haven’t posted much lately. Ivan was gone for 2 and half weeks. He went to England, Finland and Estonia. He did some dog sledding, snow mobiling and skiing. It was really lonely in the condo without him. Thank goodness I got to talk to him through Skype. I was able to catch up on Bleach episodes.. watch Derren Brown’s Trick or Treat, a few Fawlty Towers episodes, some Penn & Teller Bullshit! episodes, most of the Witch Hunter Robin series, and Extras second season. I didn’t go out much. I got sick for a week. That was bad. We have a roommate Michael, but I kept to myself while Ivan was gone. I don’t think I could live by myself.. it gets too quiet for me.

On Friday February 22nd, Ivan and I went to Satay to go eat. We started off with our usual appetizers Chicken Satay and Roti Canai. I love that Roti Canai. The bread is just so good with the curry dipping sauce. Ivan had the Char Kueh Teow for his main course. I had the Malaysian Chicken Curry. It was a yellow curry with chicken and potatoes. It was a bit spicy and tasted great. I really love curry now. Years ago, I had curry at a Thai restaurant with my friend Violet. I didn’t like the dish and didn’t have curry for years. I was telling Ivan that I didn’t like curry. He thought that was absurd since there’s so many types of curry. So, I tried some.. and now I love it! I’ve tried red, green and yellow curry so far. I can’t wait to try more!

I went to go see Inland Empire today. It’s a filmed written and directed by David Lynch. I’ve been a David Lynch fan since Twin Peaks. He always has weird films that sometimes don’t make sense. This was definitely one that confused me. It’s about an actress Nikki Grace, played by Laura Dern, who gets a part in a movie. Co-star Devon Berk (Justin Theroux) and Nikki find out that the film, On High in Blue Tomorrows is actually a re-make of a movie. The original Polish movie called 47 was never finished because the two main stars were murdered. Nikki starts to get confused at one point and doesn’t realize she’s reading lines from a script. I got real confused when they were showing all the things from the movie. I wasn’t sure if it was just Nikki going insane. I guess she was deeply getting into her part throughout the filming. All sorts of weird things happen.. and I really wasn’t sure what to make of them. The final scene of the movie is played and then I realized it was all the scenes from the movie. This movie was a really strange movie. It was almost 3 hours long and didn’t have a coherent storyline. I couldn’t make any sense of it all. I think if you’re a die-hard Lynch fan, go see it.. but maybe go read this page, if you want to figure it all out.


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