Some updates

Oh February 25, 2008 we watched Saw IV. I’ve enjoyed watching the Saw series. Ivan had watched this one before. He told me I MUST read up on the first three Saw movies to remember all the things that happened. Saw IV is just as disturbing as the previous films. It had a lot of information regarding the past movies. It takes place during Saw III. I didn’t get confused but it was a bunch of information to process. It really helped reading about the movies to refresh my memory.

On Tuesday, Feb. 26, Ivan and I went to go eat at Nove Italiano at The Palms hotel. We had a big appetizer with the Lobster pizza. It had so much arugula on it. It was really tasty and bigger than the waiter said. We shared some Cheese Ravioli as well. Next, we went to the Moon nightclub to go see Paul Oakenfold. This was our fourth time seeing Oakenfold. He’s just awesome to see. The kewlest thing about Moon is that the ceiling retracts and you can see the sky above. It was great feeling the fresh air while dancing hard to great house music. We had a great time.

We went to go check out Marriage can be Murder on February 28th. It plays at the Four Queens Hotel downtown. I’ve never been to a murder mystery dinner before. The show includes a three-course meal. Basically, there’s murders that happen throughout the show and you have to figure out the motives of each murder. The hostess, Mimi, keeps the show going. There’s opportunity to mingle with the other guests and learn more about people. It’s fun looking at other people and thinking that they look suspicious. I was never good at the board game Clue, so I knew I didn’t have a chance at solving this murder. The dinner consisted of a salad, chicken shish-kabob with rice and a chocolate cake for dessert. The show was good and fun.

The weekend was relatively slow since Ivan had his hypnosis classes. I watched the first two Harry Potter movies since it was Harry Potter weekend on the ABC Family channel. I love watching Harry Potter! I opened one of my birthday gifts early that I got from Violet. It was Super Milk Chan Volume 2. This anime is just so silly and funny. I didn’t know that the DVDs have a few different voice actors than the Adult Swim version. It’s very similiar and still makes me laugh. I have yet to watch the Japanese version with the subtitles. I’m sure the Japanese humor will be different.

We went to see two matches at the Tennis Channel Open on Monday, March 3rd. Ivan picked the front row seats. We didn’t know that the court was actually really small. The first match was Ginepri against Malisse. This was a good match since it was a close match. They also had a lot of rallies. It was a cold night. Ivan let me wear his jacket. He also bought a big blanket so we’d be warm during the second match. The next match we saw was Hewitt versus Safin. Hewitt is a strong player and beat Safin pretty fast. It’s exciting watching tennis since there’s lots of action.

Ivan took me to The Country Club Grill at the Wynn on my birthday, March 4th. It has a gorgeous view of the golf course and the waterfall. Ivan had the Free Range Chicken Palliard. I had a huge tasty Angus Beef Burger. We were going to see the Mega Bubble Show. But, unfortunately the guy was sick so it was canceled for the day. That night, we met my family at Salo Salo Grill. It’s a Filipino restaurant. We had a lot of food like Pancit, chicken shish-kabobs, Crispy Pata, Sinampalukang Manok (Chicken Soup), eggrolls and deep fried fish.

We went to the new Mexican restaurant Dos Caminos in The Palazzo on March 5th. We started off with the Guacamole with tortilla chips. What a treat! It was so creamy and fresh. We got the appetizer Cazuela De Queso Fundido (cheese fondue Mexican style) with wild mushrooms, huitlacoche and fresh epazote. It’s served with warm tortillas and you pile on the cheese fondue. It’s really good. Then the main course we shared the Avocado Leaf Crusted Big Eye Tuna. It was good. It came with rice that had a nice papaya salsa on top. Oh yah.. the drinks – we got a white and a red sangria. The red sangria was better.. more flavorful with a kick to it. The restaurant is huge inside with cool and unique decorations.


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