Latest Happenings

Ivan took a stage hypnosis class this last weekend (March 6-8). So, he invited me to go to three Dirty: Hypnosis Unleashed shows (Thursday-Saturday) with him. I enjoy going to hypnosis shows. Even if I’ve been to the hypnosis show before, it’s never the same show twice. The hypnotist may do the same things.. but there’s always new people and everybody reacts differently. The only complaint I have is the small venue. It’s not set-up for a hypnosis show. So, it’s hard to get a good seat. We saw Michael Johns on Thursday and Friday. He likes to tell funny jokes and call the volunteers rock stars.

I woke up about 5am on Friday, March 7th with a painful leg cramp. I had to massage it, but it still hurt. I had to go get ready for work so I didn’t get a chance to massage it much. I was limping a little at work. I went down some stairs and that would hurt as well. I haven’t had a bad leg cramp in years. I was reading up on it.. and I should drink more water and stretch my muscles more.
Ivan and I had dinner that night at Ah Sin at the Paris Hotel. We had a dragon roll sushi and lettuce wraps to start off with. Then we shared the vietnamese glass noodles and Thai chicken entrees. The Thai Chicken was pretty good. The Vietenamese glass noodles were bland. We did have a nice view outside of the Bellagio fountains though. After dinner, we walked to the Bellagio for gelato. We watched the fountains again while eating our delicious gelato. My favorite show is with the song Con Te Partiro (Time to Say Goodbye) sung by Andrea Bocelli & Sarah Brightman. I didn’t mention before how high the water goes. The water jets can go up to 240 feet. It looks like the same height as the Bellagio building. I’ve seen it numerous times, but it’s still amazing, beautiful and romantic.

We saw the Hypnosis Unleashed show again on March 8th. This time it was Terry Stokes performing. He’s very funny. He does different bits with individuals or in pairs. I like seeing the individuals and pair parts since it’s usually people who are very hypnotized After the show, Ivan and I went to meet my friend Alisa and her husband Jay at Tommy Rockers. It was really loud in this bar. There was a live band playing. It was nice seeing Alisa again. I hadn’t seen her since December.

We went to the Mega Bubble Show in the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood on March 9th. The show is Fan Yang creating a variety of bubbles. He created big bubble structures and bubbles inside a big bubble. He would invite kids up on stage and put a big bubble around them. I liked when they had smoke rings flying in the air and he would attach a small bubble to the smoke ring. At one point, the whole theater was filled with bubbles. This is a good unique show that’s suitable for kids.
For dinner we went to Diego at the MGM Grand Hotel. We started off with the guacamole. A guy created it tableside. We also got salsa which included mild, medium and hot. It also came with three types of salt. The mole salt was the best. Ivan and I shared the Ensalada de Verduras Asadas. It’s a salad with squash, mushrooms, dried tomatoes and black beans. Ivan really enjoyed the salad. I thought it was a weird mixture of ingredients. My main course was the Pollo al Horno con Mole. Wow! The mole sauce was really good. It tasted great all mixed together with the rice, little fried onions and the chicken.
We were planning to see a movie. We had plenty of time to waste. So, we walked over to the New York, New York Hotel across the street. We ended up at the Nine Fine Irishmen bar. Ivan ordered two Magners Irish Cider. It was smooth and had a great fruity flavor. Good stuff! It certainly gave me a nice buzz.
Ivan and I went to see the movie The Bank Job. This is based on a true story that happened in 1971. Terry (played by Jason Statham) was convinced by an old friend Martine to rob a bank in London. She has information that the bank’s vault won’t have an alarm for a week. This was a great action movie with some twists to the plot. I must have really enjoyed the movie since I dreamt that Ivan and I were robbing a bank.
Ivan and I agreed that we would both go on stage at the Dr. Scott Lewis hypnosis show. I wonder if Ivan picked this show since one of the smallest theaters for hypnosis shows. I’ve been on two stage shows and hypnotized numerous times by Ivan. Ivan had never been hypnotized before. He wasn’t sure that he would be able to be hypnotized. So, we went to the show at the Riviera on March 10th. We both went on stage. It was a good, funny show. Ivan seemed to be hypnotized and was pretty funny on stage. I haven’t been hypnotized on stage in awhile.

We went to go eat at Fellini’s inside the Stratosphere Hotel on March 11th. We shared the Fellini Salad with Raspberry Vinagrette, pine nuts and raspberries… It was so good! We didn’t get napkins or knives. The food was taking forever to come out. Ivan complained and the host said it would be out in 4 minutes. Our waiter said it was coming out. I know it was busy, but nobody even came over to say sorry. I had the Three Cheese Pizza. My pizza was creamy with mozzarella, ricotta and romano cheese. Ivan ordered the Chicken Parmigiana. He enjoyed it. The food and atmosphere was good.. but the service was bad.


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  1. Very interesting… always great to see what other people are thinking about stage hypnosis. Differing opinions is what makes this career so interesting. Check out my website to see my views on things

  2. I feel hypnosis very interesting. You have a great site!

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