March 12th Events

Fruit Basket

Ivan got me a lovely edible fruit basket yesterday. It’s from Edible Arrangements. The basket is filled with strawberries, chocolate covered strawberries, heart-shaped and flower-shaped pineapples, grapes and cantaloupe balls. The fruits are really fresh and delicious. It’s such a kewl gift! It’s healthy and looks good.

Ivan has a friend he met through one of his hypnosis classes that gives massages. She incorporates hypnosis during the massage session. I had an awesome 90 minute hypnotic massage yesterday after work. I felt so great. This morning, my shoulders are sore. I must carry a lot of stress there since it was worked out a lot in that area. It was definitely a great new experience getting a massage that involved hypnosis.

Last night, Ivan and I went to Dick’s Last Resort at Excalibur with the four couchsurfer girls who are staying with us. This restaurant is known for being rude to you. I like when they make the hats with the insults written on them. Ivan asked straight away if we were going to get hats and the waiter said no. He kept saying no. We thought he was being rude. Ivan questioned him about why. He said that nobody felt like making hats. Good thing they have an area with old hats with great rude sayings on them. Ivan went through them and got us each a hat. The food is average bar food. It’s a fun place where you can throw balled-up napkins at other patrons, get insulted by the staff and donate your bra to the huge bra collection over the bar.

We headed to Body English at the Hard Rock Hotel after dinner. Somehow we got in with a group of guys who were talking to the girls. Ivan had free passes. Body English has great Wednesday nights since it’s house music all night and open bar from 10:30 – 11:30 am. The music was great with music from the 80’s and 90’s. Ivan and I had fun dancing. I didn’t see the girls dancing. The two German girls decided to go to LAX at the Luxor. I had a great day after work.. thanks to Ivan!


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