Hot Copacabana

On Thursday, March 13th Ivan and I went to see Barry Manilow at the Las Vegas Hilton. I invited my friend Ron and his wife Joann. I’m glad Ron went, since they were both fans and saw Barry in the 70’s. We were sitting in the balcony, so the sound wasn’t the greatest. Barry Manilow sings very well. He loved to change his jacket like a purple jacket will lots of jewels, a black jacket with hot pink lining and a matching handkerchief in the pocket and a red and black shiny jacket. He sang a lot of hits like Mandy and I Write the Songs. Ivan was waiting for Copacabana. It was the encore song. He does some dancing.. but not much. It’s a good show, but not a big production.

We went to go eat at Ra Sushi at the Fashion Show Mall on Friday, March 14th. We had the Dengaku Tofu as a starter. It’s tofu with tempura sauce and a ginger glaze.. It’s very tasty but was a bit hot for me.. it burnt my tongue. I just had to eat it slowly. We had the spicy tuna roll. We both ordered our favorite dish the Spicy Garlic Shrimp with Tofu Noodles. It has clear thin noodles with garlic shrimp, mushrooms and scallions. Ivan and I love this restaurant since it has great dishes at reasonable prices. The atmosphere is nice.. dim lighting and good loud music playing in the background.

Ivan and I went shopping at the Premium Outlet Mall on March 15th. Last week, we checked out the Outlet Center and didn’t like that mall. We both bought some clothes at Guess. I got a cute orange dressy shirt, jean skirt and a pink flower shirt. I started getting a sore throat.
That night we went to see the comedian Bobby Slayton show at Hooters Casino. He’s known as the Pitbull of Comedy. He talks about life and makes fun of all races. He is very funny. It’s sometimes a little hard to understand him since he talks so fast.

Ivan and I went to Lotus of Siam for dinner on Monday, March 17th. We started off with the Som Thum salad (papaya salad). We had this before, so we ordered it as a number 2 on the hotness scale. It was still a little hot, but still very tasty. The restaurant uses a lot of red pepper in this salad. Tod Mun Plar (fish cakes) tasted awesome with the cucumber salad that had curry paste blended in it. Panang Curry and I ordered the Musaman Curry with chicken. Ivan got the Chicken Panang Curry. We shared both dishes. Both curries tasted great. The Musaman Curry came with peanuts, onion, tomatoes, potatoes and carrots.
Afterwards, we went to the Riviera Hotel. We were going to see the Dr. Scott Lewis show. Kelly Karl was filling in for Dr. Scott Lewis. Ivan met Kelly Karl at his hypnosis class. She let that she was performing and a reviewer was coming to the show. She was really nervous about it. Ivan wanted to support her by attending the show. We sat by Richard Nongard and his family. Richard was one of Ivan’s teachers at the stage hypnosis course. Ivan went up on stage for the second time. He spoke Martian and translated it for the audience. It was a really good show.


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