Crazy drinks

On Sunday, March 23rd we stopped by Satay to have some dinner. Then Ivan and I went to see The Scintas show at Las Vegas Hilton. The show consists of the Scintas family Joe, Frank, Crissy and adopted Scinta Peter O’Donnell. Joe does a lot of the talking. He’s really funny. The show displays their talent with singing, music and comedy. This is a fun show.

We went to have dinner at CatHouse inside the Luxor on March 24th. Ivan and I were seated in a booth. It’s so cozy sitting in the booth. We were seated next to Robin Leach. It’s funny since the first time we went to CatHouse, we saw Robin Leach dining. Our first appetizer was the Fromage Fondue with white chocolate-pecan bread, granny smith apples, mushrooms and broccoli. The bread is the best thing to dip in the cheese… we like it so much we had to have extra. Then we had the Arancine, lemon risotto, mozzarella, and marinara. This is cheese and lemon risotto shaped in a ball and then fried. I was getting full after eating just the appetizers. Ivan ordered the Multiple Orgasm drink and I had a Blueberry drink (can’t recall the name). The drinks had great flavor. We shared the Tuna Tartare entree. It has chile oil, lotus root and then tequila caviar. I didn’t really like the caviar. I scooped the tuna tartae onto a crunchy lotus root. We also shared the Lobster Roll sliders. These mini sandwiches have lobster, dill and lobster mayonnaise laid on a cute little french bread roll. The main courses turned out to be light.. so we weren’t overly stuffed. I had forgotten about the great Red Velvet Cake until the waitress brought out the dessert menu. We ordered the delicious Red Velvet Cake. It’s such a great dessert!

We went to a concierge event at Taqueria Canonita at the Venetian on Tuesday, March 25th. There was lots of food including chips and salsa, guacamole, Chicken and Beef Satay, pasta, and duck tacos. The food was really good. We had some wine. Ivan had red wine and I had the white. The wine got us both drunk. The dessert table had different lollipops (which was actually soft chocolate shaped as lollipops) and bags with cotton candy provided by the restaurant David Burke. We walked across the street and went to The Beatles Revolution Lounge at The Mirage. It was another open bar event, but with vodka. We each had a drink. We wanted to check out the live band. But it was only 7:30 pm and the band didn’t come on until 10 pm. We talked for awhile and then decided to head home.

Ivan and I met Michelle at Tamba inside the Hawaiian Marketplace on March 26th. It was really slow for the open bar event. The music was good though. We sat down in a booth and wanted to order some food. Michelle had never tried Indian food before. Ivan recommended the Chicken Tikka Masala Curry. She said she had Thai curry before and didn’t like it. She decided to order the curry dish with the Plain Naan Bread. Ivan and I ordered the Chicken Pakora for an appetizer. Then we had the Chicken Tikka Masala Curry to share. We also got the always tasty Garlic Naan Bread. The curry was very good as usual. After dinner, we decided to head to condo. We bought some absinthe and wanted to try it. Everybody wasn’t sure how to make it right. Ivan found how to properly make it on the internet. It was all trial and error. It’s really strong alone and it has a strong black licorice flavor. We had the Kubler Absinthe. Ivan made a good drink mixing Red Bull and chocolate vodka with the Absinthe. Later on, he made another good concoction with Ty Ku, Red Bull and Absinthe. Michael and his friend Rada were drinking along with us while eating some Chinese food. Michelle, Ivan and I headed down to the jacuzzi. It was really warm. Michael and Rada came down to the jacuzzi. Michelle thought it was too warm, so she headed to the pool. Ivan and I joined here. It was a little cold in the pool. We stayed only for a couple minutes before heading back to the jacuzzi. We had fun chatting. It was a good night. The absinthe was really good. It doesn’t make you crazy.

I wanted to talk about more about Absinthe. It was created in Switzerland. It became popular in the 19th and early 20th century in France. It got a reputation as being a drug. It was banned in the United States in 1915. Absinthe started coming back in the 1990’s in Europe. We were at Burning Man last year in August and there was a bar that was serving Absinthe. It really screwed us up. The bartender told us that it was now legal, but you couldn’t sell it. Ivan wanted to buy some. I looked online to find any information. It was legal to purchase and bars were actually serving Absinthe cocktails. I found these two sites:Las Vegas Weekly and Vegas Nightlife News that show where you can get Absinthe drinks in Las Vegas bars and nightclubs. A few places to buy a drink are Luquidity at the Luxor, Louis’ restaurant at the Towne Square Mall, Artisan Hotel, Table 10 in the Palazzo and the Downtown Cocktail Room. For a full bottle, stop by Tryst or Blush at the Wynn. We stopped by Lee’s Discount Liquor and there was three different brands of Absinthe. There’s Absente for $39.99, Kubler at $49.99, and Lucid for $59.99.. of course prices may vary. We’re definitely going to check out some of the bars that serve Absinthe.


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