Dam games

Ivan and I went to the Mandalay Bay Pool on March 27th. We ate at the grill there. Then we went into the wave pool. Next, we swam around in the lazy river. We headed back to our seats and laid out. We read some magazines. I was reading The God Delusion. I was really tired and fell asleep.
We stopped by Border Grill for dinner. This restaurant has a patio area that faces the pool. We sat upstairs on the balcony. We started off with Plantain Empanadas which are always great. We tried the Aztec Avocado Ceviche. It had a great fresh flavor to it. I ordered the Kobe Beef tacos. Ivan had the Portabello Mushroom Mulitas. My dish was good.

We woke up early on Friday, March 28th. We were going on the Funniest Dam Tour. This is a funny tour that takes you on a tour of Hoover Dam. Our tour guide Joni was really funny. She made fun of everybody on the bus and told us lots of jokes. She’s very knowledgeable about the Hoover Dam and Las Vegas. Joni gave us funny glasses to wear when Security came onto the bus.

Funny Glasses on the Hoover Dam tour
Here’s me and Ivan wearing our glasses.

We took the tour of the Hoover Dam and learned more about the dam. We met Joni to walk across the top of the dam and hear more about the dam.

Ivan in front of the Hoover Dam

Everybody went on the bus and we drove to a hotel in Boulder City. One part of the group went to see the museum while the others got to each lunch. So, we looked at the museum and waited to eat lunch. Finally, we sat down to eat.. we both had the Chicken Parmesan sandwich. I had onion rings while Ivan got the potato wedges. The sandwich was nothing special.. but we were both starving, so we both wolfed it down. I liked the onion rings though. We headed back to the bus and drove to the Ethel M Chocolate Factory & Cactus Garden. The part where they make the chocolate wasn’t in operation. Our guide said it was because they were getting new equipment to make the chocolate faster. We walked through and got our dark chocolate truffle sample. Ivan and I walked through the Cactus Garden. It was a fun tour.
That evening, we went to the Red Rock Hotel to see Earth, Wind and Fire outside at the pool area. We decided to have dinner at the cafe. I had a great Tuscan Chicken Salad. We went out to the concert. Ivan loves 70’s music and enjoyed the show.

Ivan and I went to the Amusement Showcase International at the Las Vegas Convention Center on March 29th. It’s a convention that’s filled with video arcade games, photo booths and touch screen jukeboxes. We played lots of games, pinball and took silly photos. It was cool playing the new pinball machines Shrek and Indiana Jones. Ivan and I like playing the racing games to see who wins. We played Nascar and Wacky Races.
We went to the Grand Lux Cafe at the Palazzo with the Swedish couchsurfers for dinner. Ivan and I shared the Chicken Lettuce Wraps. They’re so tasty! My main course was the BBQ Chicken Pizza. It’s a good pizza. The crust was delicious. Ivan had the Polynesian Salad. He said it was okay.
Later, we went to the Palms Hotel to see the movie 21. This movie is based on a book. It’s about a couple college students who count cards in Las Vegas and earn a bunch of money. The main character Ben Campbell is trying to earn $300,000 so he can attend Harvard University. I thought the movie was okay. I was hoping it would have more action. Ivan thought it wasn’t good. I really like the song Young Folks by Peter Bjorn and John that is on the 21 soundtrack.

On Sunday, March 30th, we relaxed most of the day. That night, Ivan and I went to see the Chippendales with the Swedish couchsurfers who were staying with us. I’ve never attended a male revue show. The Chippendale men do a lot of dances with pelvic thrusts and wear different costumes. I can’t believe that at one point… they have their backs to the audience and rip off their underwear.. you see their private parts.. really just a shadow of it (since the lights go out right away). All the women in the audience were going crazy. I found it a bit amusing. The men are very muscular and only a few are good looking. The guys take up a few girls on the stage. It’s a good show.. not my type of thing though. Single women are sure to enjoy this show for the dancing and the eye candy.

We went to the CatHouse at the Luxor on March 31st with the Swedish couchsurfers and a couchsurfing couple from New Zealand who are teaching in Japan. We ordered the Fromage Fondue to start off with. We both love the fondue. Ivan kept recommending it to the couchsurfers. Ivan and I shared the Potato Leek Soup with Maine Lobster. I really enjoyed the creamy soup. Ivan and I both had our favorite drink the Multiple Orgasm. Our main course was the Brick Organic Chicken. It was really good. The service is usually really good. The service was bad.. I think since the restaurant was really packed. Afterwards, we went to the loungerie for Madame Monday. There was actually a lot of people there. The music was great with a good mix of different types of music. The club offers free champagne to women on Mondays. We had so much fun dancing the night away.

Tuesday night, we took a nap to catch up on sleep. We stopped by the Circus Circus to play some pinball and video games.

We went to the British Foods store on April 2nd. I bought some toffee for my friend Cory. He claims English toffee is better than American toffee. Ivan bought some Heinz baked beans and some chocolate bars. The store has a variety of items including frozen items, chocolate, teas and souvenir items from England.
Next, we went to the British pub Crown & Anchor. Ivan and I decided to order some dinner. I had the Chicken Curry over rice. Ivan got the Fish & Chips. Both dishes were quite tasty.

Having a pint of Raspberry Cider

Ivan had a Kronenberg which is from Germany. I had the Wyder’s Raspberry Cider. The cider had a great taste. We went to go play darts. Ivan had a Stella Artois and I ordered a Magners Cider. Ivan won the first round and I won the second one. It’s a nice pub with good food and a nice selection of beers. Ivan bought the Daily Mail. It’s contains the same stories, but the newspaper is printed in America.
We drove to the Hooters Hotel to see Bobby Slayton. We were early for the show, so we went to the Tropicana Hotel to play video games in the arcade. We saw Bobby Slayton before. Ivan got free tickets, so we decided to go again. He’s very funny. He did have a bunch of new material and some old jokes. It was a good show.. but I did it enjoy it more the first time.


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