Artsy guacamole

On Thursday, April 3rd, we went to eat at Company American Bistro in the Luxor. We started off with the Vietnamese Summer Roll with Shrimp, Mint & Peanut Sauce. It was alright. Ivan got a banana flavored drink while I got the Company Perk. Ivan loved his drink. My drink was very good. I ordered the main course Herb-Roasted Organic Chicken. It came with sauteed mushrooms and rice. It was a big delicious dish. Ivan got the Roasted & Spiced Vegetables. He liked it a lot.
Ivan and I then went to see Carrot Top. He’s so hilarious when he pulls out the props. I think he should have done more of that. He’s still funny doing jokes. I enjoyed his show. This is a fun show that will have you laughing a lot.

Ivan and I went to go eat at Dos Caminos on April 4th. We went with two couchsurfers named Claire and Hannah. We all shared the wonderful Guacamole. I could eat their guacamole everyday. We shared the Cazuela De Queso Fundido with roasted garlic, artichoke hearts and spinach. We got the Grilled Shrimp Quesadilla again. It’s sooo delicious. This is a great restaurant with awesome atmosphere, good food and friendly staff.

We went to the Pink Taco at the Hard Rock for Cinco de Taco on Saturday, April 5th. We started off with the Guacamole. It was good, but a little salty. We each got a Sauza Margarita. The food came out very fast. Ivan had the Burrito Mojado with chicken. I ate the Chicken Tacos. My dish was good. We thought they would have more of a celebration there. But, the specials weren’t any different than the Happy Hour specials. They did have a mariachi band. Supposedly, the restaurant was going to have a pinata, but I didn’t see one.
We had time to waste before heading to my friend’s party. We went to Whole Foods and bought some healthy food. Then, we went to Green Valley Ranch Resort to play arcade games. Unfortunately, the arcade didn’t have any pinball machines.
We headed down to the street to the party at Josh’s apartment. We were the first to arrive to the party. Ivan played some Guitar Hero. He was pretty good at it for a beginner. More people began showing up. They decided to play Beer Pong with teams of two. I told Ivan he should play. It was his first time playing and he was really good. I’m so bad at beer pong. I hate having to drink the warm beer.. ewww! Michelle is always good at beer pong. She thinks she’s the beer pong champion. I only had one mixed drink with Absinthe. I knew I’d be driving home, so I didn’t want to drink much. Next, Michelle thought they should play King’s Cup. Josh was looking around his place to find a deck of cards. He couldn’t find one. He went to Walgreens to buy a deck. King’s Cup is a fun game. I didn’t play, but it was hilarious watching the game. When you draw a card, there’s a different thing you have to do. It was really crazy when people kept making up rules that everybody had to do. My favorite rule one was when you had to say penis at the end of every sentence you said. Ivan wanted to hypnotize somebody. He did hypnotize Kevin who works at the Bell Desk of the hotel I work at. He was a little drunk so certain things didn’t work. He hypnotized Dena (my sister-in-law’s sister) next. I was watching Josh and his brother Jeremy play Gears of War in the meantime. It was a fun night.

I got to sleep in on Sunday, April 6th. I love sleep. But, we do a lot of events during the week, so it seems that I’m always catching up on sleep. We were going to watch No Country for Old Men in the movie room. But, the colors on the DVD player are screwed up. So, we didn’t end up watching it there. Ivan complained about the colors (it shows too much green and reds) in December.. but obviously it’s still not working properly. Hopefully, they’ll actually fix it soon, so we can watch it later this week.
Ivan wanted to go check out Anthony Cools again. Ivan decided to go on stage. This was his third time being hypnotized. Anthony Cools is really funny. Ivan kept seeing this lady flash him when Anthony said his name. He also danced with a guy and had a fake wedding with him. Ivan’s really funny on stage. Anthony also had all the people on stage show off their sex skills with a chair. One guy kept dancing around the stage when a Tom Jones song came on like Carlton from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Anthony Cools is a good adult hypnosis show.

Ivan and I met our roommate Michael and his friend Rada at Sushi Mon on April 7th. We decided to check out the other location on West Sahara. This sushi restaurant is all you can eat for $25.95. We had so many different types of sushi. We also had some edamame and tofu. Ivan and Michael had a sake shooter. It has a raw quail egg in it and Ivan wouldn’t swallow it. I got the green tea ice cream for dessert. The sushi was good, but the other location on Maryland has better food and service.
We walked to the Paymon’s Hookah Lounge. Michael thought it was called Pokemon. Ivan agreed with him. Rada and I laughed at them. They didn’t know that Pokemon is an anime. We decided to get Caramel & Double Apple for the hookah flavors. I ordered the drink Babylon Spice. We had a good time smoking hookah and chatting.
Our last stop was The Artisan Hotel. It’s a small hotel on West Sahara. It’s a cool place. The lobby has a lot of artwork everywhere even on the ceiling. There’s also statues, a suit of armour and a baby grand piano. We went to the bar area to have some drinks. Ivan had a Kashmir. I ordered a great tasting Black Orchid. Ivan played some tunes on the piano and then we headed home.

We went to Table 10 at the Palazzo on Tuesday, April 8th. This is a new restaurant by Emeril Lagasse. Ivan had an Absinthe Sour. It had tons of fresh blueberries in it. It still had that licorice taste but not as strong. I had the Metropoli-10 drink. My drink had a nice mild taste. We shared the appetizer Miso Marinated Blackened Cod. It was very tender. On top of the cod, there’s clear noodles and a vegetable salad. There’s a tasty sauce that the cod sits in. We had the Grouper for our main dish. It contains onions, peas, Yukon Potatoes and a mushroom sauce. The Grouper was plain in taste. It tasted great with the potatoes and the mushroom sauce. The potatoes were so good. We actually had room to order dessert. We were undecided between the Banana Split and the Almost Flourless Bourbon Chocolate Cake. Our server recommended the Banana Split. I’m so glad we ordered it. It is a delicious re-creation of the original Banana Split. The dish has a big scoop of chocolate ice cream in the middle topped with cubes of pineapple and topped with marshmallow fluff. It sits on top of strawberry sauce. Around the ice cream there’s four slices of banana spring rolls. The banana spring rolls are crunchy. It’s so great all mixed together!


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