Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

Ivan and I went to Origin India on Wednesday, April 9th. It’s a small restaurant but has nice decor inside. I thought the menu was pretty. We started off with the Aloo Mattar Tikki. It’s a small dish with two lovely potato patties stuffed with peas. I got the Chicken Haryali Kebab. The chicken is marinated with spinach, mint and coriander sauce. It’s really good. Ivan got the Chicken Makhani. It’s basically a tasty chicken with tomato sauce. This is a good restaurant with delicious food and decent prices.

We went to Dos Caminos for an open bar event on Thursday, April 10th. We had some El Camino Margaritas. The drinks were strong and tasted great. The restaurant was pretty packed. Ivan and I went to sit down to eat. Of course, we got our favorite Guacamole.

We got the Tuna Ceviche for an appetizer. The ceviche was very fresh and light. Our main course was the Dos Enchiladas. Each chicken enchilada contained a different sauce on top. The darker sauce was mole poblano. The Mole Poblano was a little rich but still tasted good. I preferred the Tomatillo Verde sauce. We ordered the Crepes De Cajeta for dessert. The dish came with two warm triangular shaped pistachio crepes with bananas inside. It has vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce. It’s a lovely dessert.
Next, we headed to Body English at the Hard Rock Hotel for the Masquerade Ball. Ivan received an invite to the private event. The event was advertising a new drink from Jose Cuervo called Platino. At the door, there were a variety of masks to choose from on a big table. They had zorro type masks for men, masks placed on a stick or masks held with an elastic band. Ivan picked a pretty black and silver mask that had lace on it and feathers attached to the top right side. We both wore the same mask and then went inside.

Ivan and me wearing masks

This was another open bar party. I kept thinking of the episode “Underground Terror” on the anime Big O. The guests were given masks to wear at a masquerade ball. But, unfortunately the mask hurt the person wearing it and made them commit suicide. It was only a little busy inside the club. We kept getting drinks but they didn’t taste good. I really didn’t like the drink with grapefruit in it. They had appetizers on trays, but I was so stuffed from dinner. I wasn’t feeling good. I didn’t feel like drinking much or eating any food. Nobody was dancing. We danced a little and then left shortly after.


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