Fair weekend

Ivan and I went to Ago at the Hard Rock Hotel on Friday, April 11th. There was a special 944 event there. It was slow though since it had just recently started when we arrived. We each had a drink and relaxed by the pool. We were both hungry so we decided to go inside the restaurant to be seated. We ordered a special salad which had arugala, caramelized walnuts and bits of cheese. It was really good but a little too salty. We shared the Trofie alla Genovese. It’s twist pasta with pesto potatoes and green beans. It was really tasty. We also got the Tonno Scottto con Caponata di Verdure. It was two big pieces of ahi tuna on top of an eggplant. The tuna was good.

We drove out to the Clark County Fair in the early afternoon on April 12th. It’s an hour drive to Logandale from the Las Vegas Strip. We noticed a long line for the Logandale freeway exit. I squeezed the car in at the beginning of the line. Otherwise, we’d be sitting there forever. There was still a long wait for miles after getting off the freeway. We later noticed that there was a accident that caused the big delay. We were trying to make it to the fair by 1 pm so we can catch Marc Savard’s first show. Marc Savard is one of Ivan’s hypnosis teachers. Ivan and I both wanted to go on stage to get hypnotized. Marc’s show was family oriented since it’s at the fair. The show was really funny. We saw about half of the first show. We went to check out the food stands. We got some Chinese Food. We each got the dish that came with an eggroll, fried rice, noodles and a chicken shish kabob. It tasted good. Ivan and I both went on stage for the second hypnosis show at 4:30 pm. We ate some roasted pecans and funnel cake. The fair had a variety events like Wild about Monkeys, pie eating contest, small animals display (pigs, roosters, rabbits, goats, etc.), bands, comedy magic and retail booths. I had a gyro for dinner. It was pretty big and tasted good. There was also a carnival. We only rode one ride at night. It made me a little nauseous. We had a good time at the fair.

Ivan and I went to go watch No Country for Old Men in the movie room on Sunday, April 13th. The movie was alright. The ending didn’t make sense to me though. We were both confused on what exactly happened at the end. I really have no clue why this movie won an Oscar for Best Movie.
That night, we went to see Wayne Brady at the Venetian. His show is called Making $#It Up. The name fits since he combines improv, comedy and music into his show. He makes up a song with an audience member. He also pulls out four people from the crowd. The people create props for the scene that Wayne and his friend Jonathan create. Wayne dances, sings and tells jokes. He’s very entertaining and funny.


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