On Hypnosis

I have been hypnotized many times by Ivan. I’ve also been on stage at numerous hypnosis shows. At one point, just watching a hypnosis show made me want to close my eyes and be hypnotized. I’m a little better now.. I try to not watch too closely when the hypnotist is doing the induction. Since Ivan has hypnotized me so much.. he doesn’t even have to do an induction on me and I do the suggestions he gives me. I forget my name, can’t see Ivan since he’s invisible or start talking like a Martian. I can’t explain why I get hypnotized without actually getting hypnotized. One time we were at a bar with friends. He made my hand get stuck to my friend Alisa’s leg. I was a little drunk. I was annoyed and I was on the floor trying to pull my hand off her leg. It was quite a funny sight. Alisa just pushed my hand off her leg after a few minutes. Sometimes it doesn’t work because I don’t want to be hypnotized at the moment. I don’t understand hypnosis completely. I do know that some people are more suggestible than others. I think since I have a good imagination and I’m able to relax easily, it makes me a good person to hypnotize.

Ivan has taken a few hypnosis classes. I know that if he really wants to, he could create a great hypnosis show. He’s very talented at hypnotizing people. He’s charming and funny. Of course trying to be funny in front of an audience could be a challenge. I’m sure that if he gets enough practice, he’ll be great at it.


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